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‘Dealership’s lazy’: Lexus driver thought he needed a new engine. This mechanic found the real problem

‘How did they not figure that out in 2 second?’


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A car mechanic recently went viral on TikTok when he showed how a car dealership tried to dupe their customer into buying a new engine when the Lexus only needed a new coil.

Victor Shack (@victorshack) has gained over 51,000 followers with videos like Toyota versus Nissan engine design, a video warning customers about Nissan’s poor craftsmanship, and one about how new Fords aren’t made to last. In this video, posted on June 3, Shack amassed over 12,000 views.

Though Shack never shows his face, his personality clearly comes through as he explains why a 2011 Lexus C2 200 ended up in his shop.

Yelling over the banging sound emitting from the engine, Shack explains that the dealership shop told him the “motor’s f*cked up.”

After taking a quick walk around the Lexus, Shack leans into the engine compartment. Then, he takes a look and finds an “oil wire on the plug.” Immediately, the noise stops, and the engine starts to purr.

“Came here like this, thinking it needed a motor,” Shack remarks. “Bring me all kinds of insurance paperwork to deal with.”

According to Shack, the owner had brought paperwork and planned to have the mechanic call his insurance company so they could install a new motor.

“Don’t need a motor,” Shack says while pressing on the gas to check the sound. He explains that “anything hybrid” can have an issue with its engine if it’s not “producing enough torque.” This causes a loud banging noise from the converter inside the transmission.

Finally, he offers some advice to his viewers: “Be careful, folks, man. We’re not here to put the d*ck in people, but there’s a lot of shops that are.”

“It’s a f*cking easy fix. $200 dollar f*cking coil,” he concludes.


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Viewers praised Shack for his straightforward, honest manner.

“Thank you for being real!” one commented.

“Great service, sir! Love your content and honesty,” another added.

Others added their own thoughts on the engine problem.

“They would of charged him for an engine repair, fixed the coil, and sat the car there for 4 days,” one said.

“That’s a common issue with prius/Lexus hybrid model how did they not figure that out in 2 second,” a second remarked.

“After 150k usually the head gasket leaks a little and it sounds like that on start up for a little,” a third said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Victor Shack via TikTok comments. Other methods of contact were unavailable.

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