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‘That’s why I buy all my Kendra Scott at TJ Maxx’: Woman reports ‘terrible customer service’ at Kendra Scott. She can’t believe the manager’s excuse

‘I didn’t think Kendra Scott was for us.’


Amara Thomas


In a viral video, TikToker Jade Camille (@jadecwil) shares the “terrible customer service” she said she experienced while shopping at Kendra Scott, a jewelry store. 

“Today was my first and last time ever shopping at Kendra Scot,” she began. “I went in today, right, because I had a birthday coupon. I wanted to get some jewelry for myself.”

She said when she entered the store, she realized that no one had greeted her. “OK, not that big of a deal. It doesn’t bother me,” she said. “I’ve worked in retail before. I don’t greet every single human being that walks in the door. Not that big of a deal.” 

However, she said when two folks walked in behind her “not even 10 seconds later,” the retail worker immediately greeted them. “OK, noted,” she stated. 

She then said she noticed the same retail worker following her as she shopped. “I’m being watched the entire time by the same employee,” she shared. “I mean, the entire time, from one side of the store to the other. I am being watched.”

She said she shared her frustrations with a manager after she checked out. “I called the manager upon leaving because you’re not gonna be disrespectful to me and watch me in the store for absolutely no reason,” she told viewers. 

According to Camille, the manager apologized but was quick to follow up the apology with a question. “Did you purchase something,” they reportedly asked.

This question frustrated Camille even more. “What difference does it make if I purchase something or not?” she questioned viewers. She said that after confirming she had made a purchase, the manager offered her 25 percent off her next purchase and blamed the worker’s behavior on the “weather.” 

“The weather? What does it raining have to do with your terrible customer service and me being watched throughout the entire store?” she asked viewers. “Please let me know. When she offered me the 25 percent off, I was like, ‘Oh, no worries, I won’t be back. This is my first and last time ever being here.’”

Camille isn’t alone in her experience

The viral video has over 802,800 views and thousands of comments as of this writing. Many viewers sympathized with Camille’s experience, providing tips on how to make sure her voice is heard. 

“Do not call corporate, WRITE corporate about your experience and also reference the manager you spoke with and her EXACT feedback,” one viewer shared.  

@jadecwill guess I was overdue for a bad customer service experience… @Kendra Scott #customerservice #retailstories ♬ original sound – Jade Camille

Camille is not the first Black woman who has shared on TikTok that they were followed and surveilled while shopping. This phenomenon is often referred to as “shopping while Black.”

In response to Camille’s experience, one viewer commented, “I went in there before, exact location, experienced the same thing. I walked out.” Camille responded, “So this is a common thing at this particular store and no one is doing anything to change it?!? that speaks volumes!” 

Another commenter said they felt the store was not welcoming to Black customers without even visiting. “I didn’t think Kendra Scott was for us….so I never went,” @DoesofA wrote. “Same with Lulu,” they added, seemingly referencing the common belief that Lululemon does not cater to Black people.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jade Camille via TikTok and Kendra Scott via email. 

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