Worker shares all the places she's job hopped and how much she earned at each one


‘I leave a job every three months’: Job hopper says she’s worked at Wendy’s, KFC, Dunkin’, Walmart, and more. She reveals her salary from each one

‘This not even all the jobs I had.’


Phil West


Taking the lead from a Disney show character—and following a trend of service industry workers sharing their lists of jobs—a woman claiming she “leaves a job every three months” gave the rundown on five of her recent assignments.

The TikTok video was created by Chicago-based user @nezzy333, approaching 782,000 views as of Sunday. The clip takes various audio segments from the Austin & Ally character Trish de la Rosa, notorious for getting and losing jobs. The Fandom page on Trish’s jobs lists 49 different positions that have come and gone for the Disney show character—she keeps getting fired from them for being, according to Fandom, “a horrible employee.”

The creator showed pictures of herself in uniforms at five different jobs, with on-screen captions detailing where she worked and how much she got paid.

First, the video reveals she worked at Wendy’s for $15, then Titan Security for $16 an hour.

@nezzy333 #greenscreen #foryoupage ♬ in trish we trust – jalise

From there, she moves to KFC/Taco Bell for $15.50 an hour. Then, it’s an airport Dunkin’ location for $17 an hour, and finally, Walmart for $20 an hour.

The job-hopping and wage reporting got commenters weighing in, with some sharing their own wages, and others asking the creator some questions.

“What exactly is the name of your position for Walmart, please?” inquired one, adding, “Ima apply.”

The creator noted, “Digital shopping.”

One commenter was suspicious of the Dunkin’ wage, observing, “They do not pay 17 at Dunkin.”

The creator responded, “Girl read the f***** video; it’s in the airport. They pay more; you wouldn’t know cause you never worked in the airport, bye.”

Some wanted to know about her leaving all these jobs, with one asking, “Did u always put in a 2 week notice when u quit?”

“Nope, I just quit,” she explained.

“Damn, you a** make getting a job look easy,” someone else observed. “What’s your secret?”

The creator revealed, “Man, it’s so easy. This not even all the jobs I had.”

Then, of course, the question on many people’s minds, “Why do you keep leaving jobs so fast?”

She had a simple answer, writing, “I want more money.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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