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‘I saw a $56 order… I have to take it’: Instacart shopper shares why she won’t do side hustles at night anymore

‘I had a bad anxiety attack.’


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Posted on Jun 15, 2023

An Instacart shopper based in Anaheim, California recently shared a terrifying story of why she doesn’t take any orders at night.

TikToker Sara Amber Victoria (@lilbabytrex) posted a candid video, relaying a tale that highlights the dangers women can face on a daily basis. The creator said she regularly takes Instacart orders to supplement her income, and when she received a $56 dollar order in the evening she felt it was too good to pass up. The video was viewed over 13,000 times as of Thursday.

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“I normally don’t do side hustles at night, but the other day I was driving home around 7:30 and I got a $56 dollar order and was like I have to take that,” Sara explained.

“I had forgotten the Instacart card in the car, so I was already in the store, I walked out, it was already dark outside, and this car pulls up next to me and starts catcalling me. ‘Hey pretty girl, how you doing? hey girl, hey.’ I’m ignoring him completely. I have my face in my phone. I keep looking down,” she recounted.

According to her, the man drove next to her and slowed to keep pace with her.

“At this point, I’m not weirded out because this happens to me here and there,” she continued. “He drove off, he took off the other way. He took off kind of mad.”

The story takes a darker turn when she goes back inside to continue shopping.

“I’m bagging produce and I just feel someone right behind my head,” she said. “The dude comes up behind my ear and goes, ‘Oh, you think you can just ignore me like that?’”

Even though the man had catcalled to her earlier, she had attempted to distance herself as much as possible and keep her eyes down, so she didn’t recognize him at first.

“When he was driving next to me in the car and I was walking I never looked at his face, so I thought it was someone I probably knew,” Sara said. “…Then he walks in front of me, I look at him and do not know who this guy is.”

Sara continued, “He says, ‘Oh, so you’re still going to ignore me. Why won’t you say anything.’ I responded because I don’t want to talk to you.”

At this point, Sara becomes fearful because the man is inches from her face. The man eventually leaves, but Sara still didn’t feel comfortable. Convinced that he may be waiting for her outside she didn’t want to leave the store alone.

“I had a bad anxiety attack,” she explained. “After I finished checking out I asked if someone would please walk me out to my car.”

A good Samaritan who worked at the store volunteered to go outside with Sara when the security guard refused, so she could safely get to her car.

“The sweetest guy, helped me load up all my groceries, he told me he [was] going to watch my car leave so no one follows me. His name was Corey, shout out to Corey,” Sara said.

Sara finished her tale by relaying how something that may not seem like a big deal to others derailed her night and left her in a state of heightened anxiety.

“This story might not sound that bad to some of you, but I had anxiety the rest of the night, and where I had to deliver it was 10 miles up a dirt road and not worth it at all.”

Users were disgusted on Sara’s behalf concerning the man who followed her into the store. Many female users agreed that working at night offered more dangers than benefits. When it comes to other activities such as exercising, more than a third of female runners feel afraid while exercising alone, according to Shape magazine.

 “Stay Gold Corey! You had an angel with you. Stay safe!” a user said.

“I never do late night. You just can’t trust something won’t happen,” another user replied.

“I typically don’t do orders at night for this reason too girl. Only within the city [because] mountains are scary af even in daytime,” a user agreed.

“I’m glad you’re okay and that it didn’t escalate further…what a weirdo. I’m happy you’re safe and that he walked you out,” posted a commenter.

The Daily Dot reached out to Sara and Instacart via email.

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*First Published: Jun 15, 2023, 5:58 pm CDT