Hand holding phone with instacart logo on display; Instacart customer’s groceries get taken after they leave them at door

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‘I don’t even leave groceries on my counter for 37min’: Instacart customer’s groceries get taken after they leave them at door for 37 minutes. Viewers criticize the customer

‘Nah they didn’t steal it… it was a failed delivery.’


Brooke Sjoberg


Instacart and other grocery or food delivery services are commonly discussed on TikTok, where customers and delivery drivers alike flock to share their gripes with many functions of the various services.

From whinging about items missing from orders to issues with the delivery apps themselves and their drivers, customers and drivers have told their sides of the story for viewers to weigh in.

Another common claim among customers of these delivery apps is accusations of theft among the delivery drivers who facilitate their orders. One such instance of this was posted to TikTok by a hairdresser under her account @touchofice_.

In the video which has drawn over 884,000 views on the platform as of Thursday afternoon, Ring camera footage shows a grocery order being dropped off on a doorstep by two people. After a period of time, the same people return and take the grocery bags, walking out of frame.

“$180 worth of groceries!!” the caption on the video reads. “Please watch the WHOLE video! The thing is you RUNG the doorbell!!”

@touchofice_ $180 worth of groceries!! Please watch the WHOLE video! The thing is you RUNG the doorbell!! #mealprep #toddlermomlife #fyp #instacart #instacartshopper #leesburgga #groceryshopping #stealing #atlantageorgia #albanyga ♬ we havin tech tech tech tech we havin tech – ㅤ

The Daily Dot has reached out to @touchofice_ via Instagram direct message regarding the video, as well as to Instacart via email.

The poster included in the video an image from Spongebob Squarepants reading “Thirty-seven minutes later,” which several viewers took issue with. Many commenters asked the poster why she would leave her groceries out for that long and expect them to still be there when she went to retrieve them.

“Who leaves groceries they ordered outside that long,” one commenter wrote.

“So you left your groceries outside for 37 minutes but why?” another questioned.

“…why are your groceries outside for 37 minutes?” a third commented. “How does the ring not working affect your groceries outside.”

Some users suggested that Instacart delivery drivers might be required to ensure the customer receives the order unless specified to leave it somewhere.

“This is what I’m guessing is that they couldn’t leave it at the door there is a 10 min rule for instacart if the customer doesn’t answer and no option to leave at the door,” one viewer wrote.

“Some people actually sit and wait 10min for the countdown and contact support and sometimes support takes FOREVER up to over 20min,” another said.

“If your order says hand to a person and you’re not there we are required to wait 10 minutes and if no answer we have to take the grocery,” a further user shared.

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