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‘My wedding is in 2 weeks’: Customer orders House of CB dress for her wedding. She can’t believe what she receives

‘What is this?’


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A bride-to-be says she sent the wrong dress by House of CB after ordering her wedding dress from the popular British retailer. To make matters worse, Annecey Cadet (@anneceyc on TikTok) says her wedding is only two weeks away.

“Listen, … this needs to be said,” Cadet says in her video. “House of CB, count your days. Why did I order from House of CB for my wedding, my courthouse wedding, in two weeks?”

She holds up a House of CB box before opening it in front of the camera.

“What is this? What is this? This is not the dress I ordered. This is not it,” she repeats.

Inside the box is a multicolored—pink, red, and white—dress.

Cadet is especially confused because all signs point to it being her correct order—minus the dress itself. She also says that not only was she sent the wrong dress by House of CB, but she was also sent a dress from the House of CB’s more affordable sister brand, Mistress Rocks. The dress also came in the wrong size.

It appears that the dress she received is the Mistress Rocks rose print dress, which retails for $119.

“The paper on the inside says my name. The box says my name. But this is not the dress, nor the company that I ordered from. This is their sister company, and my wedding is in two weeks. Count. Your. Days. House of CB. Count your days,” she says.

Cadet elaborates in her video’s description that she “triple-checked” her order and certainly did not place an order for the pink dress from Mistress Rocks.

“As if weddings werent stressful enough,” part of her description reads.

@anneceyc As if weddings werent stressful enough. HOUSE OF CB COUNT YOUR DAYS. And yes I triple checked I didnt order the wrong dress. I didnt even order from Mistress Rocks🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴 #HouseofCB #NotMyDress #NotHouseofCB ♬ original sound – Annecey Cadet

In a follow-up video, Cadet shares what dress she ordered: the Mademoiselle dress in white. The dress retails for $299. Cadet says she paid $324 for the dress after tax.

Cadet also shares an email she received from a House of CB representative. According to the screenshot, the representative asked her to mail the incorrect dress back to its warehouse. They also told her the dress she originally ordered was now out of stock and asked Cadet if she wanted a different dress or a refund.

Cadet says she would not inconvenience herself by sending the incorrect dress back and wanted a refund. She says she would have had to pay out of pocket to return the dress to the warehouse. Due to her experience with House of CB, she says she will be exploring with taking her business elsewhere, like to Rent the Runway.

In a third video on the matter, she shows another email exchange with a representative telling her that to get a refund, she needs to return the dress. In her response, she references a Federal Trade Commission rule preventing customers from being charged or having refunds withheld because an incorrect item was sent in place of the one ordered.

“By law, companies can’t send unordered merchandise to you, then demand payment,” the FTC’s website states. “That means you never have to pay for things you get but didn’t order. You also don’t need to return unordered merchandise. You’re legally entitled to keep it as a free gift.”

Ultimately, she says she was able to dispute the charge with her bank and receive a full refund that way, she reveals in a final update. Days later, she says House of CB did apologize for how she was treated previously and offered a refund through it as well. She also says the company offered her a $30 gift card, which she doesn’t intend to use. “I’m not buying from them again,” she says.

@anneceyc Replying to @smferdelos Final update! #fypage #HouseofCB ♬ original sound – Annecey Cadet

The Daily Dot has reached out to Annecey via comment on the video as well as TikTok direct message regarding the video and to to House of CB via email.

Several viewers shared that they had been considering purchasing dresses from the company but changed their minds after seeing how her experience went.

“Thank you for saving me!” one commenter wrote. “I was looking for a wedding dress on there too.”

“Ty I won’t be ordering from them for my courthouse wedding,” another commenter wrote.

“Oh nooooo i wanted house of cb for my wedding too and i couldn’t risk it it’s sooo expensive,” a commenter wrote.

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