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‘They’re gonna take my picture’: Viewers divided when Hooters server reveals what she has to do to get hired

'it’s definitely the strangest interview process'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Mar 3, 2024   Updated on Mar 3, 2024, 7:53 pm CST

A TikToker shared that she landed an audition to work at Hooters. But one interview requirement has people conflicted.

In the viral video, which has since been deleted, a TikToker shared that she’s been wanting to work at Hooters for several years. She applied a few years back, but ultimately didn’t go through with it because covering up all of her tattoos to work there was too much of a hassle.

But, now that they had an open policy on tattoos, she was excited to possibly work there, hoping that she’d make a nice chunk of cash on the side. The creator explained that she landed an interview and it was split into two parts.

The first half was all verbal. She said they asked her several questions (that she thought were pretty easy) about the things she enjoys doing, what matters to her, and who she is as a person.

In a follow-up video, she expanded, saying that the questions weren’t traditional interview questions, instead, they asked things to get a sense of her personality and character.

“You’re not being hired on as a server. You are hired on as an entertainer, so your personality does absolutely matter,” she said.

Here’s the part some people are up in arms about.

The second part of her interview is “kinda like an audition,” she put it. She has to try on the uniform and come with a full face of makeup.

At the audition, they’d take her picture in the full uniform and send it off to corporate. “And if corporate agrees then I can start orientation,” she explained.

Commenters were divided.

“I didn’t go to my 2nd part of the interview because the whole having to take my picture to send off to ‘make sure I’m cute enough’ for the job basically made me not want to even work for the company,” a top comment read.

“You’re gonna get the job! Like you have to!” a person said.

“I felt 100% more confident after getting picked but it’s definitely the strangest interview process. When you walk out in front of everyone staring at you,” another chimed in.

Also, it turns out that maybe they didn’t need to send the pictures to corporate after all. In her follow-up video, the creator said that not only was it a very comfortable environment, but she got hired on the spot even though she was expecting a two to three-day wait because of the whole “send the pictures to corporate” bit.

The Daily Dot reached out to Hooters for comment via email.

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*First Published: Mar 3, 2024, 11:30 pm CST