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‘Girl is it really good like actually’: Viewers divided over customer who recommends you try honey on your pizza

‘I always use hot honey.’


Charlotte Colombo


The rise of ‘girl dinner’ and ‘boy dinner’ has paved the way for some wacky food combinations. But the latest TikTok craze of honey-dipped pizza might be the most unexpected food trend yet.

In a now-viral video, Natalie Ludwig (@eatsbynat) encouraged viewers to try the combination. “Please, please go and try honey on your pizza,” she told viewers in a video that had over 159,600 views as of Wednesday evening.

@eatsbynat Honey on pizza is elite. #foodcombo #honeyonpizza ♬ original sound – Natalie Ludwig

“Honey and pizza is such a good combo. It’s sweet and savory,” Ludwig said while dipping pizza slices into a saucepan of honey. “It is so divine.”

In a follow-up stitch, user @rissespbcup tried the combination for herself. In her video, the content creator shocked viewers as she drizzled honey over pepperoni pizza. She washed it down with spoonfuls of ice cream. As of Wednesday evening, her reaction video had over 573,500 views.

In the accompanying caption, @rissespbcup affirmed Ludwig’s take. “Honey on Pizza >> Have you guys tried this before??” she wrote. “I was missing out. Big time.”

@rissespbcup Honey on Pizza >> 🤤🤤 Have you guys tried this before?? I was missing out😭 Big time💀💀 #foodie #honeyonpizza #eatwithme #mukbang ♬ original sound – Risses•pbcup🍪😚

In the comments section of @rissespbcup’s video, plenty of viewers swore by the combination. 

“I always use hot honey,” one user said. 

“Honey dill dip is where it’s at,” another wrote. 

Some viewers, however, were skeptical of the pizza and sauce mixture. 

“Girl is it really good like actually,” one viewer asked. 

“Oh no ma’am. I’m not a sweets person,” another person wrote.

And others recommended their own unique pizza combinations.

“Honey and hot sauce with parm,” one commenter said. 

“Chili oil and maple syrup is the way forward,” another argued.

This isn’t the first time honey has gone viral on TikTok. In August 2021, the #FrozenHoneyChallenge swept the app. It involved asking users to freeze honey, squeeze it out of the bottle, and attempt to take bites out of the solid honey. This challenge, however, posed several health risks. At the time, experts told NBC News that consuming large amounts of frozen honey could lead to digestive issues and long-term dental problems.

The Daily Dot reached out to @rissespbcup via TikTok comment and Ludwig via email.

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