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‘I’m about to blow your mind’: Honda CR-V driver accidentally discovers top-down view camera feature

‘You know how many times that would have helped me with parking?’


Kahron Spearman


In a trending TikTok video, user @notacargirlreviews, who has confessed she’s not a car enthusiast by any means, stumbled upon a fascinating feature in her 2019 Honda CR-V: The top-down view camera.

“If you drive a Honda CR-V, I’m about to blow your mind. I just found a new feature,” she teases at the beginning of her clip, which has been watched nearly 98,000 times.

Instead of the usual tunes from streaming platforms or her music collection, @notacargirlreviews admitted to simply listening to the radio. “Recently, I have been just, like, annoyed with having to pick my own music,” she said. “So I use the radio often. My boyfriend’s been making fun of me for it.”

@notacargirlreviews now ill know how close i actually am #hondacrv #crvgang #notacargirl ♬ original sound – notacargirlreviews

However, this return to traditional radio listening led her to discover something unexpected about her CR-V. She described when a commercial interrupted her radio enjoyment, prompting her to switch the station. She continues: “OK, we’re in reverse, we’re hearing something bad on the radio, and we go. We click one to switch it. What is that?”

What was the unexpected discovery? She had found the top-down view camera. 

“I mean, who knew the CR-V could do a top-down view?” she asked. “You can see what is right underneath you. You know how many times that would have helped me with parking?”

This find isn’t just a single-view camera; she found more: “There’s actually three different settings. If you look closely at the symbol. One of them is like top down, then we have fish eye, and then we have, like, whatever the heck that is.”

Many car owners believe they’re well-acquainted with their vehicle’s features. However, sometimes, a deep dive into the car’s user manual—or an unexpected moment—reveals something new. 

One commenter, who’s read his manual, said the feature was “called a birds eye camera, first car i saw have it was a BMW like 10 years ago.”

“That’s the top down view it’s great for a car that doesn’t have parking sensors,” suggested another commenter.

A CR-V owner said, “Mine has a different screen which shows all the camera views haha.” “I have a 2019 so I don’t think I have that,” @notacargirlreviews replied. One person said his older model had the features, writing, “Straight down, fish eye, and regular. My 13 CR-V had these options too.”

Another commenter could even nailed the model by the option: “My grandma has a crv ex and the modes are displayed on there when you back up. You have an lx which means you have the base model.”

The Daily Dot has contacted the poster via TikTok comment and Honda via email.

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