Woman reveals what her monthly car payment is on a Honda Civic Sport

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‘Lady you lost us at 32K’: Woman reveals what her monthly car payment is on a Honda Civic Sport. Viewers can’t believe it

‘I don’t know why people act like cars aren’t expensive.’


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While the price of new cars is now slightly lower than the market peak of December 2022, buyers can still be faced with high prices when shopping for a vehicle.

As a result of these high prices, many internet users have logged onto social media to gripe about the exorbitant costs they’re paying to own and maintain their vehicles. For example, one user claimed that they were paying $700 per month for a car that they could no longer drive, while another stated that they were paying $900 per month for their new car.

Now, another user’s car payment story has sparked discussion after she shared her monthly payments on TikTok.

A $700+ payment for a Honda Civic

In a video with over 181,000 views, TikTok user Alex (@alexonabudget) explains that she’s paying $739 per month to pay off her Honda Civic Sport car loan. Alex clarifies that her loan term is 48 months.

“The car was $28,000, okay, but the taxes and fees it ended up being $32,000,” she explains. “I didn’t put any money down because my interest rate was really low—it’s at 3.9%, so I didn’t really care to put any money down.”

As for why her payments are so high, she says it’s just a result of the current market.

“Cars right now are expensive, you guys,” she says. “I don’t know what kind of cars you’re talking about where payments are like $300 if the loan is 48 months. If you’re talking about a used car, yes, but if you’re bragging to me that your payment is $300, maybe look at the term of your loan.”

Alex’s total cost of $32,000 is generally in line with the market price for the car, per Kelley Blue Book.

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Commenters understand the struggle

In the comments section, several users spoke to the issues mentioned by Alex.

“I don’t understand why people don’t understand short terms = higher payment; longer term = lower payment. It’s 48 months!!!” exclaimed a user.

“I don’t know why people act like cars aren’t expensive,” added another. “I just bought a 2019 GT and we have exactly the same car payment except I put 5K down.”

“When i hear a low car payment i think about all the interest they’re paying by stretching it out over more years,” stated a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Alex via email.

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