Shopper finds proof of Hobby Lobby putting different prices on the same products

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‘I found it’: Shopper finds proof of Hobby Lobby putting different prices on the same products

'They’re all the same things, same size. But look at this.'


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Posted on Jan 25, 2024   Updated on Jan 25, 2024, 11:29 am CST

TikTok user Lexx Torres (@lexx.sonny) went to Hobby Lobby to find decor for her salon. She ended up walking away with not just a mirror but also a discovery.

Torres is the latest in a string of creators who have called out Hobby Lobby for putting different price tags on the same products. In her video, she stands in front of a mirror that’s priced at $299.99. “This guy on TikTok said if you go to Hobby Lobby and see something you like, look in the back, and it will be the exact same thing for cheaper,” she said. “And I found it.”

She moves the mirror to reveal the same exact mirror directly behind it—only that mirror is 50% less than the first one.

She then moves on to wall decor. The canvas in the front is $49.99, and the one in the back, she shows, is $39.99. “Same exact one,” she emphasizes.

“They’re all the same things, same size. But look at this,” she says as she stands in front of another piece of wall decor. “This is $52, and this one is 59,” she says while holding up the price tags of the items.

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Torres’ video garnered over 260,000 views, and viewers appreciated the tip on how to find the best deals. “Good to know,” one viewer said, thanking Torres. “I’m about to start checking because I love Hobby Lobby it’s my life lol,” a second commented.

Viewers also offered their theories behind the inconsistent prices.

“Changing the prices that’s all.. hobby lobby will always give u the cheapest price, but it’s always good to check the online price too,” one user speculated.

“They probably didn’t change all the tags, they are still going to ring up as the same price at the register,” another guessed.

According to BestLife, human error is the most likely answer. “As part of Hobby Lobby’s legacy inventory system, employees must manually put price stickers on items (the exception is the brand’s own items that have prices printed on the packaging). And there are no barcodes; all prices must be manually entered,” BestLife reports.

The Daily Dot reached out to Torres via Instagram direct message and Hobby Lobby via media contact form.

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*First Published: Jan 25, 2024, 7:00 pm CST