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‘That’s just creepy’: Homeowner says HOA ‘stalked’ her social media, sent her screenshots and a $500 fine

‘Everyday I’m reminded of why I’m so grateful we don’t have an HOA.’


Braden Bjella


In the United States, Homeowners Associations, or “HOAs,” are given incredible power. Per LendingTree, HOAs can put rules into place and “have the legal right to raise fees, charge a special assessment and enforce rules.”

“Depending on state laws, HOAs have the right to suspend use of common areas and to take residents to court if necessary for violating rules or not paying HOA fees,” notes author Michele Lerner.

Sometimes, the enforcement of these rules can go a little too far, as Phoenix, Arizona-based TikTok user Elle Reiner (@ellereiner) recently discovered.

Reiner had previously posted about the many issues with her HOA, ranging from receiving letters threatening fines after posting videos about going to Starbucks, to the various issues that can be found in areas under the HOA’s jurisdiction. Now, she says she’s received $500 in fines from her HOA—and numerous screenshots of her TikToks.

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“POV your HOA President stalks your social media and sends you printed screenshots along with $500 fines,” wrote Reiner in the text overlaying the video. In the caption, she added, “Its giving ‘obsessed.’”

Reiner’s issues with the president go beyond screenshots. In follow-up videos, Reiner says that the President has tried to enter her house without permission in the past, and the President recently called her husband’s co-worker to explain the ways that she and her husband have allegedly violated HOA rules.

The President is not the only one who is taking issue with Reiner. The TikToker claims another HOA board member filmed her getting her car washed and told the man washing her car that she had called the police. The cops did eventually come, at which point they allegedly informed the HOA member that what Reiner had done was not illegal.

Across several follow-up videos, Reiner has noted that she is currently speaking with legal representation in order to resolve this issue. She has also been in contact with the police regarding other issues with the HOA.

In the comments section, users aired their grievances about HOAs.

“Going through the same with a board of directors (hoa) that kicked me out for my social media,” wrote a user. “They are being investigated by the state now.”

“Last year our HOA president messaged my HUSBAND to tell him I LAUGH reacted his FB post,” alleged another.

“Everyday I’m reminded of why I’m so grateful we don’t have an HOA,” declared a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Reiner via TikTok direct message.

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