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‘I do this too’: Man stops at Hiltons during road trips every time. Here’s why

‘He takes his Diamond status VERY seriously.’


Grace Fowler


Two travelers posted a viral video explaining that they stop at a Hilton hotel during every road trip. Here’s why.

TikTokers Ash and Ronnie (@acoupleofcoutus) have gained over 24,000 likes on their video as of this writing. 

In the 10-second clip Ash and Ronnie posted, the two are seated inside their car while Ash is holding a paper Hilton coffee cup. 

In a text overlay, Ash writes, “Most people stop at gas stations but my husband stops at a literal HILTON to use the bathroom and get coffee.”

She explained in the caption that her husband “takes his Diamond status VERY seriously.”

On its Hilton Honors website, Hilton states that to become a Diamond Benefits member, guests need to stay at a Hilton hotel for at least 60 nights in one calendar year. The site also states that by reaching Diamond status, guests are offered “Executive lounge access.”

According to NerdWallet, the Hilton Executive Lounge offers “complimentary breakfast in the morning, drinks and snacks throughout the day, cocktail hours in the evening, free in-lounge internet access and a business center.” 

@acoupleofcoutus He takes his Diamond status VERY seriously. #marriage #couples #couple #hilton #fypage #marriedlife #coffee ♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

A viewer agreed with Ash and Ronnie’s approach to road trips by commenting, “I do this too. It’s cleaner and you can pull right up to the front.”

“That’s exactly what he does,” Ash responds.

One viewer asked, “Ok but wait. Is this an option?!?.” Ash responds, “Technically, no.”

Without the benefits of being a Diamond status member, guests do not have access to the Executive Lounge. However, one viewer suggested, “If you walk in confidently, the front desk won’t ever stop you.”

“Can confirm,” another adds. “The front desk sees way too many people per day to even notice. They also do not get paid enough to care.”

According to Peery Hotel, “Most hotels don’t mind if you use their public restroom in the lobby, as long as you’re respectful and don’t cause any disturbances.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Ash and Ronnie via TikTok direct message and comment and to Hilton via media contact form. 

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