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‘Heart-break pizza anyone?’: Pizza shop worker finds out she has to make heart-shaped pizza for ex for Valentine’s Day, gets revenge

'Shake it up a little bit in the box.'


Allyson Waller


Posted on Feb 1, 2024   Updated on Feb 2, 2024, 1:54 pm CST

A Los Angeles pizza place caught the attention of internet users after a video showed a scenario in which an employee’s ex-partner ordered a heart-shaped pizza.

In the video, posted on Monday by the TikTok account Pizzana (@pizzana_la), an employee aggressively cuts up a heart-shaped pizza with the caption reading, “The moment I found out the person who ordered a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day was my ex.” The video received more than 2 million views as of Wednesday.

The video included the rock song “Beautiful Things” by Benson Boone.

For those curious as to why cutting up the heart-shaped delicacy is so controversial, a commenter provided some context.

“For y’all talking about cutting the pizza, anytime it’s a heart-shaped pizza you aren’t supposed to cut it,” user @ehthegoat said. “The point is you get a whole heart.”

According to its website, Pizzana has multiple locations in Southern California and is known for its “consciously sourced toppings which blend the traditional with the unexpected.”

People can order Pizzana’s heart-shaped pizzas online and have them shipped. They are shipped frozen and able to be cooked or stored in the freezer upon arrival. Two 12-inch heart-shaped pizzas from the restaurant cost around $90.

The Daily Dot reached out to the restaurant via Instagram direct message for further comment.

@pizzana_la Heart-break pizza anyone? 🙋‍♀️ #pizzana #pizza #breakup #heartshapedpizza #couplegoals #valentinesday ♬ Beautiful Things – Benson Boone

According to statistics from the National Retail Federation, U.S. consumers spent almost $26 billion celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2023. Over the years, the amount spent on the holiday has continued to increase. Men are likely to spend twice as much as women, according to WalletHub. It’s estimated that by 2027, consumers will spend more than $28 billion on the holiday of love.

Commenters on Pizzana’s TikTok were pretty amused by the scenario. However, it’s not clear how much truth there is to the video or if it’s just a skit for amusement.

“Ragged cut up the middle would’ve been best lol,” user Nick (@nickknippenberg) said.

“Shake it up a little bit in the box on delivery so it isn’t heart-shaped anymore,” user Hailey (@hxiley_m) joked.

“Me personally I’m dragging a jagged line of hotsauce down the middle too just to make sure the message lands,” user Colin (@huber.colin) said.

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*First Published: Feb 1, 2024, 3:00 pm CST