Hampton Inn sign outside with caption 'Bro if you actually do it tm and video it for a tiktok' 'Proof you can get free breakfast on ur way to work everyday' (l) bacon in tray with tongs with caption 'Bro if you actually do it tm and video it for a tiktok' (c) person walking out of Hampton Inn with plate of breakfast in hand with caption 'Bro if you actually do it tm and video it for a tiktok' (r)


‘Proof’: Man flaunts technique for getting free breakfast at Hampton Inn on his way to work every day

'I'm boutta start doin this.'


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Posted on Mar 17, 2023   Updated on Mar 17, 2023, 11:50 am CDT

A TikToker went to the platform to show how he’s able to score a free breakfast from Hampton Inn on his way to work—and commenters wondered if it really could be this easy.

The video comes courtesy of creator @midtacoma, getting more than 1 million views since posting it on March 8. It answers a comment that wants proof this is something that the creator has actually been able to do.

The creator starts the video with an exterior shot of a Hampton Inn, with an on-screen caption reading, “Proof you can get free breakfast on ur way to work everyday.”

@midtacoma Replying to @issasmallblock #screammovie ♬ original sound – Moneybagg Yo

The creator then moves along the breakfast stations in the hotel, grabbing a biscuit, some bacon, and juice, and then returns to his truck, presumably to partake of the pilfered food and drink.

A number of commenters lauded the creator’s initiative.

“That’s smart asf,” one remarked. “I’m boutta start doin this.”

Another reasoned, “A lot of that food gets wasted anyway, so I actually think this is good.”

That led the creator to assert that he was “helping the community” through his actions.

Someone else advised, “Just go in acting like a normal human being,” and the creator added, “Confidence is key.”

One claimed to work at a Hampton Inn and determined that it wasn’t that hard to pull off, noting, “I used to work nights at a Hampton and would start breakfast and I can tell you no one is paying attention to whoever gets breakfast, and when it’s over, it would all get thrown out.”

Some commenters were upset by the video—but not so much the stealing aspect as the potential it could ruin a good thing for those who do this.

“Then they start making you use a working room key to even get breakfast cause people be using abusing it,” one said.

Another simply assessed, “Damn, don’t be a snitch though. Like bruh just tell everyone why don’t ya.”

One expressed a hint of moral conflict, saying, “I always thought about doing this … but my inner self told myself not to do it.”

Another, being the angel on that commenter’s shoulder, reinforced that inner self by saying, “‘Cause you’re not a douchebag.”

One wondered if the creator’s not blowing his own cover, asking, “They don’t think you look familiar by now?”

And another claimed it doesn’t work, noting, “I tried this and they charged me $12.50.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and Hampton Inn via a contact form on parent company Hilton’s website.

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*First Published: Mar 17, 2023, 11:49 am CDT