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‘That’s embarrassing the way they harass some of these people over a $10 commission’: Woman claims Frontier gives airline workers $10 commission for every bag that doesn’t fit in box and costs customers $100

‘I could’ve just Venmoed them ten bucks.’


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In a new development to the ongoing controversy surrounding Frontier Airlines’ baggage policy, TikTok user Dyana Villa ( has posted a video claiming that the airline’s gate agents receive a bonus for every oversized bag charge.

This allegation follows a string of incidents in which Frontier Airlines has been accused of falsely claiming that passengers’ bags exceed the airline’s size requirements, resulting in passengers being forced to pay additional fees

After experiencing a similar incident, the TikToker has taken to the video-sharing platform to document her experience with Frontier agents attempting to charge her. She posted multiple TikToks on the incident, which led her to this latest discovery.

Villa’s recent TikTok begins with her addressing a comment left on a previous video, which reads, “My cousin works for Frontier, she says they get a bonus for every bag they charge for.”

Villa responds by claiming that she’s been receiving many similar comments. She then goes on to claim that she received a message from a Frontier flight attendant who corroborated this allegation and stated that the bag agents receive $10 for each person they manage to charge.

In the video, Villa points out that this commission creates a bad incentive for the baggage agents, saying: “Yeah, they’re like on the lookout trying to see who has the tiniest bag that could pass as non-fitting but obviously fits. They’re just being very petty about it, and they’re trying to get that commission, so that’s how they’re making their bank.”

She also alleges that Frontier doesn’t even directly employ the baggage agents.

“According to that flight attendant, they’re not even direct Frontier employees. They’re a third party, so they don’t really care what happens with the Frontier [customers],” she states.

The TikTok, which was posted on March 8, once again received widespread attention, accumulating over 35,400 views in just one day. 

In response to the video, viewers left various comments expressing their outrage.

One viewer commented, “For $10?!!! That’s embarrassing the way they harass some of these people over a $10 commission wow.” 

Another suggested taking legal action against the company: “Omg, I would do a class action lawsuit!”

A further commenter called for the people to boycott Frontier altogether, stating, “So moral of the story is no one fly Frontier. Got it!”

The Daily Dot reached out to via TikTok comment and Frontier Airlines via press email.

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