Forever 21 worker calls out customers who bring in Shein returns

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‘Forever 21 accepts SHEIN returns??’: Forever 21 worker calls out customers who bring in SHEIN returns

‘They’re literally bringing two to three boxes per customer.’


Melody Heald


It can be annoying dealing with non-stop returns at a retail store, as one Forever 21 worker showed in a TikTok. In the clip, which has over 410,000 views as of Thursday, he blasted customers returning boxes and boxes of SHEIN products.

The video features Forever 21 employee @kvng.kye airing his grievances for the day.

“Yo, these customers be buggin’ with these f*cking SHEIN returns,” he says. Initially, the content creator says he didn’t expect to receive that many SHEIN returns. He was wrong.

“I thought I was gonna get, like, maybe one or two pieces per customer,” he shares. “They’re literally bringing in two to three boxes per customer of f*cking SHEIN returns.”

Needless to say, @kvng.kye is shocked. “They wildin’. Yo, they’re taking this shi*t to another f*cking level,” he concludes.

@kvng.kye reveals in the caption, “Lmaooo they back to back.”

@kvng.kye Lmaooo they back to back 😂😂😭#foryoupage #forever21 #shein #fypシ #fypp ♬ original sound – Kvng.kye

The Daily Dot reached out to @kvng.kye via TikTok comment and direct message as well as Forever 21 via press email. Many viewers in the comments section were surprised that Forever 21 even accepts SHEIN returns in the first place.

“Forever 21 accepts SHEIN returns ??” one viewer asked.

“Whaaaat!? I didn’t know F21 took SHEIN returns! I just throw my stuff away,” a second commented.

However, others explained why that is.

“It’s bc SHEIN deleted reviews so we never know what the clothes actually look like,” one user wrote.

“Their sizing is super weird at times!! Trust babes we be stressed to have to return,” a second explained.

“I feel bad. Cause the process to do the return seems so tedious for you guys to pack up. But it’s so convenient,” a third stated.

Why does Forever 21 take SHEIN returns?

Forever 21 had a minority shareholder in SHEIN and both companies could see each others’ products. In May, the companies partnered with Happy Returns where Forever 21 can accept SHEIN returns. In addition to making it convenient for SHEIN customers, they will receive store credit, money from the return, and a 30% Forever 21 discount when returning the product in 35 days.

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