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‘The volume is not really working too good’: Mechanic shows how to fix your radio for $50 after shop tries to charge Nissan owner $6K

‘$6,000 for a whole new radio is ridiculous.’


Phil West


A mechanic claims that a customer was going to be charged $6,000 to get a radio unit replaced after the volume knob wasn’t working. However, he found a simple workaround that was a lot cheaper.

The video showing off the situation comes from creator Menjicar (@menjicar), a TikToker who specializes in car repair videos. The video, which was put up on Sunday, has more than 112,800 views as of Wednesday.

In it, the mechanic claims, “They were gonna charge this lady $6,000 to fix that radio.” The car is a Nissan with just 47,000 miles on it, which he initially misidentifies as a Toyota. As he reveals a bit later in the video, the “they” involved in the story is a dealership.

The creator goes on to say, “Obviously, the dealer tried to sell her a whole radio unit because it does make sense. As you can see, it’s not really functioning too good, but $6,000 for a whole new radio is ridiculous.”

How does he fix it?

He then gets out a can of electrical cleaner, removes a knob and a dust cover around the edge of what’s underneath the volume knob, and spritzes it several times, noting that it needs to be worked in.

“So, after letting it dry for a bit,” he shares, “you can also blow it out with compressed air. We can see that the volume is now working perfectly.”

He initially said of the fix, “She didn’t have to spend anywhere near even $50” for his solution, though he does wonder at the end of the video how much he should charge her.

@menjicar Always get a second opinion. You pay for what i know not what i do sometimes. #automotive #mastertech #ladyscammed #carfix #nissan #mechanic #fixyourowncar #drama ♬ original sound – Menjicar

One commenter warned, “It actually is a Nissan issue and the correct fix is to replace the whole unit…this is only a temporary fix.”

Another advised, “Just get an Carplay adapter.”

Someone else claimed, “Honestly, that should be free,” adding, “all you did was spray some cleaner in it.”

Despite this issue, Nissan still does well in customer satisfaction among consumers. In 2021, for instance, Nissan moved into the top five mass-market brands from the J.D. Power U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) Study—making it the number one Asian mass-market brand for that year.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via email and TikTok direct message and to Nissan via email.

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