Former fast-food worker said she quit job after only 4 shifts


‘I quit Chipotle after 1 day’: Woman says she’s ‘extra nice’ to fast-food workers after she only lasted 4 shifts at her job

‘It builds character fr and I have so much empathy for them now as a customer.’


Phil West


A person claiming to have quit a job at a fast-food outlet after just four shifts now sees fast-food workers in a different light.

TikTok creator @armonicita revealed her shift in perspective in a video posted on May 26. As of July 2, it’s gathered close to 325,000 views and nearly 69,000 likes.

Accompanied by a short musical clip, the creator expressed her view in an on-screen caption reading, “Me being extra nice to fast food workers because I quit my fast food job after four shifts.”


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The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

Commenters dropped in to share that respect—some shaped by the same forces that led the creator to make her video.

“I quit Chipotle after 1 day,” one recalled. “I honestly respect fast food workers sm.”

“It builds character fr and I have so much empathy for them now as a customer,” another remarked.

Someone else shared, “Ppl are so awful to fast food workers bro, I did 1 day at a rice festival working fast food & I looked at it so different!”

“I’m so polite because every shift I had working fast food I would think about quitting,” weighed in another.

Even people who hadn’t worked in fast food understood what they were going through.

Someone noted, “Never been a fast food worker but I could never ever be mad at someone just trying to make a living.”

Another commenter was moved to respond, “I really feel for ppl that have to deal with ppl throwing fits and ruining your day over a $4 meal.”

Concerns over fast-food work stretch beyond this one TikTok. A Fast Company article from January 2022 —from executives at the pizza chain ‘&pizza’—argued, “The food service industry is in a crisis of our own making. For decades, fast food companies have paid poverty-level wages, created dangerous working conditions, and disrespected employees. Millions of restaurant workers were fired or furloughed during the pandemic. Many others risked their health to go to work while enduring abuse from customers who didn’t want to wear masks. Now, fast food businesses across the country are losing money because they can’t attract enough workers.”

They continued, “These are not new problems, but we need new solutions; the status quo is not working. If the industry is to survive, it requires a better model—one that gives workers a voice in improving their jobs.”

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