Tiktoker explains that ex of 7 months keeps DoorDashing her orders

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‘A win is a win ngl’: Viewers divided after her ex of 7 months keeps DoorDashing her orders. Here’s what he sent this time

'my toxic trait is this would work on me'


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Posted on Mar 2, 2024   Updated on Mar 2, 2024, 4:38 pm CST

Sometimes, people will go to great lengths to get their ex back, from promising to change to showering them with gifts. A woman shared her DoorDash haul from her ex of seven months who keeps sending her stuff in an attempt to win her back.

TikTok user Adèle Church (@userabaoowiieb) told her 86,000 followers, “Another DoorDash from my ex. For context, [he] and I broke up seven months ago. I haven’t talked to him since and he’s been buying me [expletive] and love bombing me.” Then, she revealed two large bags and started opening one. The content creator was surprised by the first thing she saw. “Oh, my god. OK, first of all grapes,” she said, taking out a plastic bag full of green grapes. Next, Church took out another item: String cheese.

Afterward, the content creator pulled out tomatoes, Sour Patch Kids, a mango, three kiwis, a protein drink, and some bananas. However, she was unsure about the bananas. “These ones are brown, so I don’t know if I’m gonna eat them ’cause I don’t know. I just can’t eat these types of bananas,” she stated. The last item she unveiled was a Mini Babybel cheese. Once she was finished, the content creator provided more background about the first bag. “These are all of my favorite foods and just things I like to snack on when I study,” she shared. 

Despite the kind gesture, Church wanted her ex to stop. “It’s nice but if you’re watching this, please stop wasting your money on me. Like, I’m not gonna, like, change my mind,” she stated.

She then started to investigate the second bag. “I think it’s just gonna be energy drinks because it’s, like, heavier,” she guessed. However, she was wrong. “Oh, it’s watermelon,” she stated, taking it out of the bag. “I’ve never had a watermelon DoorDashed to me.” Before wrapping up the video, Church revealed that she received flowers from him through DoorDash.


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The Daily Dot reached out to Church via email, Instagram direct message, and TikTok comment. The video had amassed 2.1 million views as of Saturday afternoon. In the comments, viewers offered mixed feelings.

“A win is a win ngl,” one viewer wrote.

“all jokes aside i hope your safe that sounds kinda scary,” a second commented.

“I need someone to be THIS obsessed with me,” a third remarked.

Unlike Church, others claimed this would’ve worked on them.

“my toxic trait is this would work on me,” one user said.

“I mean like food is expensive so this might work on me a little bit haha,” a second stated.

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*First Published: Mar 2, 2024, 8:00 pm CST