Woman claims Oreo has shrunk the amount of cream in its cookies

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‘Double stuffs are now the regulars of the past’: Woman claims Oreo has shrunk the amount of cream in its cookies 

‘This is it. This is where the revolution starts.’


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Posted on Nov 23, 2023   Updated on Nov 23, 2023, 12:56 pm CST

Shrinkflation has potentially claimed its latest victim: Oreo’s beloved Double Stuff cookies.

According to TikToker Natalia the Buff Engineer (@quadzillas), less cream filling can be found in Double Stuff packages currently being sold than older packages—and she gave viewers the proof.

“Cost of living going up? OK. I can’t afford a house? OK,” Natalia conceded in her viral video, which has been viewed over 192,800 times since it was first posted yesterday. “Shrinking the amount of cream in the Oreo is where I draw the line.”

She revealed that she had discovered an old package of Double Stuffs in her home, holding one up to the camera for viewers to observe. The second cookie shown in the video, taken from a recently produced package, had a noticeably thinner filling. “What is this abomination?” Natalia wondered aloud in her video. 

Viewers were similarly baffled by the comparison. 

“Oreos need to remember they are a splurge item not a necessity,” one pointed out. “If they want to be greedy then I can go without them.” 

Other products have seemingly become subjected to this shrinkflation phenomenon, according to viewers. “Betty crocker cake box mixes used to be 16 oz. now 14.5. The wild thing is they didn’t change the egg, oil, water amount, and that changes the texture,” user @charcuterieznutz shared. 

“I noticed that the Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes are smaller than they used to be,” another user noted. “WE RIDE AT DAWN!!”

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Alternatives to name brand cookies include Walmart’s version of the sandwich cookie, which one user claimed have more cream and a better taste.

Another pointed out that Oreo likely has the revenue to afford making Double Stuffs the way they used to, citing Kim Kardashian’s 2020 plea to Nabisco, to bring back Big Stuff Oreos. In response, Kardashian received “a bunch” of cookies, the viewer said. 

“A multimillionaire? Send free Oreos extra cream. A middle class peasant? Only stale crackers for $6.99,” Natalia observed in response to the comment.

The Daily Dot reached out to Natalia via Instagram direct message and Mondelēz International via its website.

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*First Published: Nov 23, 2023, 1:30 pm CST