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‘It’s not a sandwich it’s a damn slider now for $6’: Customer exposes Starbucks’ bacon gouda sandwich ‘shrinkflation’

‘corporate greed knows no bounds.’


Marlin Ramos


Have you noticed that some of your favorite snack items have shrunk in size? Well, it might be due to a phenomenon called “shrinkflation,” according to one TikTok brand strategist.

In a viral slideshow, Neal Chauhan (@toysoldiermarketing) showcased eight items he said have shrunk in size—or are wrapped in packaging that exaggerates portions. As of Monday evening, his video had over 2.2 million views.

The products experiencing “shrinkflation” are wide-ranging, according to Chauhan, who has a “shrinkflation” series on his TikTok page. One such item, Chauhan said, is Starbucks’s bacon gouda sandwich. “It’s not a sandwich it’s a damn slider now for $6,” one commenter said. Other victims of “shrinkflation,” according to Chauhan, are Mott’s fruit snacks, Airheads Xtremes, and Pringles.

But it’s not just food, Chauhan said. Another image from his slideshow shows how GLAD’s plastic wrap and L’Occitane lotion have become smaller—or given customers less to work with—over time, too.

According to The Guardian, “shrinkflation” is a strategy used by manufacturers “to decrease the size of their products but not the price tag.” It also helps companies maintain—or increase—profit margins in the midst of rising input costs, the article noted. While companies might argue that this is better than raising prices outright, many consumers complained that “shrinkflation” is dishonest.

“this isn’t even inflation anymore it’s PRICE GOUGING AND GREED,” one viewer wrote.

“what a waste in packaging,” another said said.

“corporate greed knows no bounds,” a third commenter wrote. 

In a statement to The Daily Dot, Chauhan, who has a brand strategy company, said that “shrinkflation” tactics might lead customers to abandon certain brands altogether. 

“Companies need to remember that this next generation of consumers is watching, learning, and ready to hold businesses accountable,” he said. “I’m grateful my TikTok series has been a catalyst for this global conversation. However now, the responsibility ultimately lies with businesses to align their practices with the expectations of today’s informed consumer.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Starbucks, Mott’s, Airheads, Pringles, L’Occitane, and Glad for comment.

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