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‘Worse. I DoorDash it so it’s $35’: Viewers defend customer who walks into movie theater, immediately leaves after just buying popcorn

‘Have the AMC refillable bucket. Do it all the time.’


Braden Bjella


Even though it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to make popcorn at home, there’s something about movie theater popcorn that makes its flavor far superior to the homemade alternative.

There are a range of theories about what makes movie theater popcorn so good. Some claim that movie theaters use a specific oil, while others insist it’s the use of a product called Flavacol that gives the popcorn its distinctive flavor. Regardless of the reason, movie theater popcorn is simply better than what can be made at home. It’s so good, in fact, that some go to the movie theater specifically to buy the popcorn.

One such popcorn customer is Leah Pfrommer (@leahpfrommer), who inquired whether others also bought popcorn straight from the theater.

“Genuinely curious, does anybody else—you just walk right into the movie theater and then walk out?” she asks, holding a bucket of popcorn. “I mean, what’s holding you back?”

Her video currently has over 959,000 views.

@leahpfrommer I can’tttt be the only one #fyp #movietheaterpopcorn #movie ♬ original sound – Leah Pfrommer

In the comments section, users were quick to say that Pfrommer’s behavior is absolutely normal.

“Worse – I door dash it so it’s 35$,” claimed a user.

“We have the AMC refillable bucket. Do it all the time,” added another.

“No but I’m gonna start,” shared a third.

However, others noted the high price as a potential deterrent to beginning to do the same.

“I’m not paying $30 for $2 worth of popcorn,” said a commenter.

“Nope, if I’m going to spend all that money on popcorn I might as well see a movie too,” offered a second.

“I make my own at home for like pennies compared to that lol, that’s what’s holding me back,” revealed a further TikTok user. “and it’s still really good.”

In an email to the Daily Dot, Pfrommer explained how the idea came about.

“I was craving it one day and walked into the movie theater next to my work, paid for a jumbo bucket, filled it up, and walked out,” she detailed. “No one stopped me or gave me a strange look. This was only my second time doing it but I’ll definitely be back for more.”

“I normally make it at home,” she continued. “Everyone deserves to be able to have their own opinion, and my opinion is that I like movie theater popcorn better than normal popcorn. Plus, it’s right next to my work. So instead of going out for drinks and food on a Friday night, every now and then, I like to buy movie theater popcorn and enjoy it in the comfort of my own home.”

For those who say she shouldn’t spend her money on movie theater popcorn, Pfrommer’s message is simple.

“As for the people concerned with my finances because I spent $12 on popcorn… I want them to know that I am doing just fine but I appreciate everyone’s concern,” she concluded with a smile.

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