Woman says you shouldn’t microwave ramen

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‘Life has been ruined’: Woman says you shouldn’t microwave ramen after shocking discovery

‘Ima just pretend i didn’t see this.’


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Instant noodles are enjoyed by billions of people worldwide, from college students and busy professionals to those just looking for a quick, affordable meal. Since the Japanese company Maruchan, Inc. introduced ramen noodles to the United States in 1977, they have become a beloved snack, especially popular for their ease of preparation in the microwave with minimal mess.

However, there has been growing online discussion regarding the safety of 2-minute ramen noodles.

For example, TikTok creator Lycette (@yourstrulylycette) recently posted a video urging her audience never to cook instant ramen in a microwave. 

What lurks in ramen?

In the clip, we see Lycette cooking in her kitchen, with a text overlay that says, “If you microwave your ramen… watch this!”

“So this is either going to ruin your life, or I’m just gonna help make it a little bit better if you eat ramen,” she begins. 

Lycette then explains that her husband sent her a video that put her off instant noodles for a long time. 

“You guys, I could eat this for the rest of my life,” she exclaims, referring to the noodles. “I almost didn’t eat it for like almost two months or so… because of this video.”

To clarify, the video Lyvette is referencing was posted in January 2024 by the account Micro Zoom Guy (@microzoomguy), where the creator examines dry ramen noodles under a microscope, revealing what looked like countless bugs crawling around the surface of the noodles.

The video went viral, garnering 11.3 million views and more than 7,000 comments at the time of publishing. 

Nevertheless, Lycette says she was reassured by her husband.

“My husband’s like you could still eat it”, she states. “You just have to boil it.”

She clarifies that before seeing the video, she used to cook her ramen in the microwave, but since seeing the disturbing footage, she has switched to boiling it instead.

Presumably, Lycette is referencing the idea that microwaves aren’t as effective in killing bacteria as boiling is. However, that is not necessarily true. 

Data reported by hygienefoodsafety.org suggests that microwaves do indeed kill bacteria. That said, since the heat is distributed unevenly, it is recommended to defrost the food before reheating it, use proper containers, and cover the food to ensure all the harmful bacteria are dead. 

Is the original video real?

The fact-checking website Snopes could not authenticate the results of Micro Zoom Guy’s video. In their article, they say that the results could have been faked or staged, but it is unclear at this time. 

Snopes also referenced another TikTok creator’s video, @oneminmicro, who conducted the same experiment on dry ramen noodles but found no creatures crawling around. 

Ultimately, whether you prefer your ramen boiled or microwaved, it’s clear that this beloved meal will remain a staple for many. Just be sure to cook it thoroughly and enjoy it safely. 

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Commenters share their thoughts

In the comments, users have mixed reactions. Some express disappointment and concern, while others say no food would be clean if looked at under a microscope. 

“I use to eat it dryyyyy,” wrote one user.

Another commenter stated, “Honestly if we seen everything we eat under a microscope, we probably would just rather starve.”

“Everything has micro things in it even us,” said a third commenter.

We’ve reached out to Lycette via email for further comment.

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