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‘Imagine giving extra to a rich person’: Domino’s customer orders as ‘Johnny Depp’ to get a better order. People aren’t convinced it works

‘I promise you just ordered on a good day.’


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It’s no secret that celebrities often get free stuff. In fact, it’s speculated that known public figures get around $100,000 worth of swag every single year, give or take.

That’s because the companies who send free stuff hope that these celebrities will be caught rocking their products in public, which is probably a more effective advertising campaign than producing a commercial—plus, it definitely costs less to hand over a product anyway than staging an elaborate marketing campaign.

One TikToker (@hauntedbeauty) wanted to test whether they would enjoy some of the same perks many celebrities do by changing the name on their Domino’s order to Johnny Depp. It seems they wanted to see if the mere mention of a known entertainer would help their food be made with care, as they’ve had some pretty rotten luck with that on previous deliveries.

They posted the results of their experiment in a viral TikTok that’s accrued over 1.6 million views as of Monday.

@hauntedbeauty Using a celebrity name @Johnny Depp to order @Domino’s ♬ original sound – HauntedBeauty

“Every time I order pizza it’s made without care,” echoes a voice-over over the TikTok video. “So I order now as a celebrity. Today, I ordered as Johnny Depp.

“Let’s see how good these Mf’s made this food,” the voice-over says.

The TikToker cracks open a box, showing the food full of sauce.

“Oh, these mfs actually put sauce on the top and it’s not a sauceless burned mess,” he says while adding that the sauces added to the order were placed with their items at no extra charge.

Next up is their order of chicken Alfredo. They crack it open and assess how it turned out, quipping, “Usually just Alfredo, these mfs never put sauce or barely chicken, but it’s my kid’s favorite.”

Judging from his assessment, it seems the TikToker’s celebrity experiment has proven to be successful, but there are other products to review.

The TikToker then opens up a pizza pie box revealing what appears to be a Hawaiian pie and again, they seem to be pleasantly surprised by the results.

“Oh, sh*t these mfs didn’t clump all the toppings in one slice. D*mn that pizza looks good as heck,” they say. They then take a peep at a second box of pizza and thank Johnny Depp for what they received—the pie appears to be loaded with chicken.

It looks like their experiment was a success, but there some commenters didn’t seem too pleased with the outcome.

As one person wrote, “Imagine giving extra to a rich person.”

Someone else remarked, “Gotta put the name as Keith lee,” and it’s easy to understand why—the food-reviewing TikToker has a lot of clout.

But others didn’t think that @hauntedbeauty’s decision to put their name down as Johnny Depp had any bearing on the quality of their order.

“I promise you just ordered on a good day,” a user shared.

One commenter also seemed to think that the customer’s name had nothing to do with the quality.

“Bro I worked at pizza our screen don’t even show the customers name,” they said.

However, someone else said that they had a better “name hack” when it came to Domino’s orders—all folks have to do is look up the name of the owner of the restaurant and use that when putting in for their food.

“Bro all you have to do is look up the owners name and half the time you get discounts AND they hook it up,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Domino’s via email and @hauntedbeauty via TikTok comment.

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