Choir member says her Secret Santa gave her Dollar Tree gifts.

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‘I literally gasped at the thread & needle’: Choir member says her Secret Santa gave her Dollar Tree gifts. Is that sweet or shady?

'I'm not doing Secret Santa no more.'


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Posted on Dec 22, 2023   Updated on Dec 22, 2023, 4:36 pm CST

They say, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” but one TikToker’s Secret Santa gifter left her so offended that she decided to make a video blasting her.

In a recent viral TikTok, choir member Erika Patrice (@theepkchic) took to the platform to share the contents of her Secret Santa present from one of her choir members. The video, posted on Tuesday, has quickly gained over 1.4 million views, sparking a debate among viewers about whether the gifts were sweet or just plain shady.

The video begins with Erika holding up a massive red sock with an expression of disbelief. She starts of the video by saying, “Listen, I called you to let you see what I got from the choir fellowship Secret Santa. We just went to lunch and exchanged gifts. This is what I got.”

Erika pulls out a Christmas card, addressed to “my special friend at Christmas,” and contains a message that suggests a level of friendship that she vehemently denies. “Miss Price know I ain’t not her friend. I don’t even know how she pulled up my name,” she says in the video.

First on the list is a fan, with a Greenbrier International label, which the TikToker quickly pointing out: “Every one of these tickets here say Greenbrier International so you know they come from Dollar Tree.”

The next item, a cell phone charger, is met with a mixture of approval and confusion. Erika acknowledges it is “cute”, before bluntly stating, “But who got an Android? Miss Price know I ain’t got no Android.”

As the unboxing continues, Erika discovers a bag of peppermint candy, which she humorously criticizes for being as being “hard as a brick,” before slamming it on her steering wheel to prove the point.

The surprises keep coming as she reveals a Little Tree car freshener with the card reading, “You always smell so good. I figured your car should as well.”

However, what “takes the cake” for Erika is a sewing needle set, accompanied by a card that suggests it’s for moments when “the spirit gets high, and your tracks get loose.”

The final blow comes in the form of a crystal ball, with a message claiming, “I can see your future and it’s looking much better.” Erika, in no uncertain terms, declares her resignation from the choir, vowing, “I’m not doing Secret Santa no more.”

@theepkchic Dont nobody ask me to so Secret Santa no more! DASSIT! #Christmas #blackchurch #blackchoirsbelike #secretsanta #dollartreegifts #duetthisvideowithme #HolidaySeason #ChristmasVibes #ChristmasTime #Christmas2023 #cheapgiftsideas #aunteepam ♬ original sound – Erika Patrice

In the comment section, the TikTok community was torn between those who were sympathetic toward Miss Price and others who criticized her.

One viewer commented, “it’s cheap and cheesy but her taking the time to write all that out is super cute. times are tough, girl…”

Another expressed worry about their own upcoming Secret Santa, stating, “I’ve seen so many of these videos today, I am scared of my secret Santa next week.”

”Cheap yes but each gift was thoughtful,” a third said.

”She bought herself a charger for you to hold for her & left the backhanded note,” another added.

It appears that the video is at least partially a joke, based on Erika’s follow-up TikTok. Responding to a comment criticizing her for being ungrateful, Erika responded saying, “I was acting so well that you thought that it was serious you thought that it was real.”

She continued, “I definitely am not an ungrateful person but I try to do stories about things that happen in real life and make light of them.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Erika Patrice via TikTok direct messages for comment.

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*First Published: Dec 22, 2023, 6:00 pm CST