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‘Don’t be fooled’: Shopper shows how name-brand beauty products are disguised at Dollar Tree

‘Consider me influenced.’


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Savvy shoppers are no doubt already aware of the name-brand beauty products disguised at Dollar Tree, but one TikToker can’t get over how one of the store’s B-Pure product line compares to moisturizer from Olay.

Beauty influencer Vivian Tenorio (@viviantenorio) is best known for her ‘Vivian Tries’ series on TikTok, in which the creator samples some of the internet’s buzziest beauty products. In her latest video, she put Dollar Tree’s B-Pure Hydrating Moisturizer to the test alongside Olay’s Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. The creator says the B-Pure line costs $3.75, but mistakenly prices the Olay cream at $65, when it actually retails for anywhere between $24 and $30.

Visually, the products are packaged very similarly—both creams are in red glass containers. But, Vivian claims, Olay tries to “trick [customers] with this big ol’ box and Dollar Tree is like, ‘Listen, we’re gonna save on the box so we can pass on the savings to y’all.’”

“Don’t be fooled by fancy packaging,” she warns viewers. “They are actually very similar products.”

After trying out both products on the back of her hand and, inexplicably, on some butcher paper, the beauty creator says she can’t see much of a difference between the Dollar Tree and drugstore brands.

While she remarks that the Olay version is “slightly more buttery,” she maintains that the products are “so similar, you’re not going to be able to tell.”


Dollar Tree Dupes Brands Don’t Want You To Know About! Part 9

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For the price that it is, Vivian suggests viewers be liberal with the B-Pure moisturizer and “lather your body with [the] stuff!”

Even if Vivian’s assertion that the Olay cream costs $65 is incorrect, the two products still have a price difference of at least $20, and TikTok viewers were pleased with the Dollar Tree discovery.

“I couldn’t afford the Olay this month and have been using these, and they’ve done pretty much the same thing,” one commenter shared.

“Consider me influenced, I bought them all twice!” another added. “Just got some other day with cleanser,” a third commenter noted. “My skin is so soft.”

Meanwhile, a Dollar Tree employee added in the comments that she finds “so many great things that work” in the store’s beauty section and remarks that their products often, in her opinion, “work better than the expensive stuff.”

3:17pm CT, Oct. 20: Since posting her very successful Dollar Tree video, Vivian has since gone on to post 57 more videos regarding Dollar Tree dupes. In her latest Dollar Tree video, which was viewed nearly 8,000 times and is “part 66” of her Dollar Tree dupes series, Vivian shares more brand-name products you can get at Dollar Tree sans their iconic packaging. “Your saving tons of money,” Vivian promises, by shopping for these products at Dollar Tree.

It’s true; one of the main reasons people shop at Dollar Tree is to save money. After a Walmart shopper spent $150 on items for a boo basket, viewers recommended that people also looking to make a boo basket this holiday season head to Dollar Tree instead. However, the jury is still out on which store is more affordable. A shopper in August compared the same or similar items at Walmart and Dollar Tree and found that Walmart was the cheaper of the two.

Vivian didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via Instagram direct message.

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