Does Starbucks take Apple Pay?

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Does Starbucks take Apple Pay?

Starbucks provides a great coffee experience and ensures payment convenience.


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Starbucks, a favorite destination for coffee enthusiasts worldwide, is renowned for its beverages and its adoption of modern payment methods. So, does Starbucks take Apple Pay?

Absolutely it does. As the world increasingly gravitates towards digital payments, Starbucks has kept pace, ensuring customers can enjoy their coffee and treats conveniently.

Does Starbucks take Apple Pay?

With its global presence, Starbucks recognizes Apple Pay’s convenience and has integrated this payment method into its purchasing process.

Established on October 20, 2014, Apple Pay has seen rapid adoption across various retailers, with 85% of US retailers accepting it. Starbucks is among this vast majority. However, notable exceptions like Walmart still need to board the Apple Pay train.

How to use Apple Pay in-store at Starbucks

It’s relatively straightforward. Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the register’s payment terminal when approaching the counter with your favorite brew or snack. With a quick authentication, your payment is processed.

Apple Pay integration with Starbucks App

While you cannot directly use Apple Pay to clear your bill within the app, there is a convenient workaround. Customers need to reload their Starbucks Card, choosing any amount between $10 and $100. Once this is done, the balance can be used for purchases within the app.

Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Download and sign into the Starbucks app.
  2. Tap the account icon and navigate to Starbucks Cards & payment.
  3. Select your Starbucks Card and opt for ‘Add funds.’
  4. Select your reload amount, ensure Apple Pay is your chosen payment method, and confirm.

Furthermore, the app allows seamless pick-ups, in-store or via the drive-through, ensuring you get your coffee fixed with minimal waiting time.

Ordering online and Apple Pay

If you want to use website for orders, note that direct Apple Pay isn’t supported. However, those with an Apple Card credit card can utilize it for payments.

Benefits of Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay is more than just the convenience of not carrying cash or physical cards. It’s contactless, promoting hygiene by minimizing contact with shared surfaces. Additionally, Starbucks Rewards members have another reason to cheer: every Apple Pay purchase with a registered Starbucks Card fetches them reward points.

A final word on Starbucks

In summary, Starbucks provides a great coffee experience, sometimes even before dawn, and ensures payment convenience. So, the next time you’re at Starbucks, you wonder, “Can I use Apple Pay here?” Remember, the answer is a resounding yes! Whether in-store, via the app, or at the drive-through, Apple Pay ensures your Starbucks experience is seamless.

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