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‘All Delta did was leave on time’: Woman blames Delta for missing best friend’s wedding. It backfires

‘She didn’t even have to do all that she could’ve just been 2 hours early.’


Brooke Sjoberg


Missing a flight can ruin travel plans and become an expensive headache for any would-be passenger.

In a moment of frustration, one Delta customer took to TikTok to share that she missed her flight, and attributed the issue to the airline. She says by missing the flight, she will also miss her friend’s wedding.

“Just a girl who missed her 5 a.m. flight and won’t make it to her bestie’s wedding because Delta sucks,” the text overlay on the video posted by content creator Abbie Adcox (@abbs on TikTok) reads.

The video has since been deleted by the creator—but not before other users were able to stitch the video and share their own take on the situation.

One of those creators who stitched the video was standup comic Luis Lopez (@luislopezcomedy on TikTok), who was less sympathetic to the plight of the original poster.

“But you missed the flight,” he says in the video. “All Delta did was leave on time.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Delta and Adcox via email and to Lopez via TikTok direct message regarding the video.

Adcox is not the first content creator to bash an airline for impacting their wedding travel plans.

In January, one bride shared that the flight she had planned to take to her wedding was canceled by United Airlines, leaving her little time to find an alternative travel plan—although, she ultimately made it. Last year, friends of a bride and groom called out Frontier Airlines for not honoring flight vouchers after they gave up their seats on a flight.

Whether it is a traffic or a timing issue, when a passenger misses their flight, they can often be rebooked onto a different flight—for a fee. If you think you might miss your flight, it can be helpful to notify the airline, as they can then allow standby passengers to board.

Regardless of what the reason for her missing her flight might be, viewers of Lopez’s video piled on the original poster, unsympathetic to the struggle of missing her flight.

“Accountability is hard for them,” one commented.

“At least Delta has time management skills,” another said.

“Also, delays and cancellations happen,” a third wrote. “Planning on getting there at the last possible moment is risky.”

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Once the original poster turned off the comments of the video—before removing it altogether—viewers relayed to the stitched video what had been going down in her comment section.

“She said she was in a different wedding the day before, but that doesn’t excuse getting to the airport late the day of,” one commented.

“She posted she got there one hour before her flight, my wife gets mad because I want to be there 2 hrs before flight,” another claimed.

“Lol she changed the caption,” a third commented. “She was there 15 minutes before the plane takes off btw.”

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