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‘Sneak an Air Tag on the decoy wallet. So you can track the robber’: Hack expert issues PSA to always carry a ‘decoy wallet’


Melody Heald


A self-proclaimed hack expert on TikTok issues a viral PSA on how to foil robbers. His solution? Carry a decoy wallet filled with fake money.

In the video, TikTok user sidemoneytom says, “Here’s a tip in case you’re afraid of getting robbed.” He explains that he purchased a stack of fake money and a $7 wallet. He then filled up the cheap wallet with some old cards. “I got an old Starbucks card here that’s got nothing on it, an old school ID that has no personal info, an old Costco card, and I stacked it with about $600 of this with fake motion picture money,” he says.

@sidemoneytom $50,000 fake usd cost me about $20. #joke #fyp #money #benjamins #bank #wallet #inflation #funny #dollar #sidehustle #foryou ♬ original sound – SideMoneyTom

As sidemoneytom explains, in the event of a robbery, the assailant will take a look at the decoy wallet “they see all that cash in there, and they’re gonna take off running.” sidemoneytom explains that this will diffuse the situation much better than a straight-forward approach. “This is actually a much safer alternative than trying to pull your own weapon or whatever, you know, be a hero,” he states. “$50,000 fake usd cost me about $20,” he adds in the caption. 

The video racked up 480,000 views as of Aug. 20. Several commenters embraced the idea.

“Good idea for the wallet! Especially if [you’re] traveling!” one viewer wrote.

“This is actually smart,” a second agreed.

However, other users prefer a more high-tech approach.

“Why not just put a GPS on your wallet and track where your wallet is every time? Infact, we should put GPS in all our wallets !” one user suggested.

“another tip, sneak an air tag on the decoy wallet. So you can track the robber and call the police to get them. (i recommend to crack the airtag– ),” a second agreed.

“Or just don’t carry cash like most of the world,” a third remarked.

Some people do use AirTags to track personal items like wallets, but the device isn’t full proof. One TikToker learned that lesson after tracking her the AirTag in her stolen wallet to an innocent person’s car.

The Daily Dot reached out to sidemoneytom via TikTok for comment.

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