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‘3 fruit snack Welches, 2 breakfast entrees, 3 cookies, c’mon!’: Mom gets bill for daughter’s school lunch. She spent $60 in one day

'Why is she doing the most at school?'


Tiffanie Drayton


Posted on Mar 31, 2023

One mom took to TikTok to express shock over the charges to her daughter’s school lunch account. In a video that has been viewed over 30,000 times, user @ItsMeJustKesh provided literal receipts that show an itemized list of the things that her daughter purchased to eat while at school—and what each item costs.

“Three fruit snack welches, two breakfast entrees, three cookies, c’mon!” the mom rattles from the receipt that she displays in the video.

Apparently, her daughter ordered multiple full entrees during a single school day and had more than her share of snacks.

“Why is she doing the most at school?” she asks in the short.

Commenters rushed to the pre-teen’s defense and offered words of support to mom.

“She hungry, leave her alone!” one user wrote.

@justkesh12 #lunchmoney#preteens#ballingout ♬ original sound – ItsMeJustKesh

“My child too girl same lmao,” another lamented.

Another wondered if her daughter was being a good Samaritan by helping out a fellow hungry classmate.

“She may be helping out a less fortunate friend,” the commenter proposed.

“It may be the case she’s helping out a classmate that’s short on funds… either way lunch should be free,” one user wrote.

The cost of keeping kids fed in schools has been a hot-button issue in America in the past few years. During the pandemic, all public schools were able to provide free meals when Congress passed financial assistance programs that supported lunch, but in the 2022-23 school year, that benefit ended. Now, most students whose parents do not qualify for free lunches have to depend on their parents to foot their bills. And for those who are parents to pre-teens with a huge appetite, the costs can certainly come as a shock.

“She out here balling out lol,” the TikToker commented on her own video.

User @ItsMeJustKesh did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment.

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*First Published: Mar 31, 2023, 4:18 pm CDT