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‘That’s a bargain’: Dairy Queen customers discover $6 ‘mystery bag.’ Here’s what they got



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Posted on Dec 13, 2023   Updated on Dec 13, 2023, 10:43 am CST

If you were the type of kid who loved blind bag toys, like the Trash Bag Bunch, or the type of adult who likes surprise Too Good To Go bags, then you’ll probably watch this TikToker’s visit to Dairy Queen with envious eyes.

Ashley Hernandez (@ashleynhdz) recorded herself unbagging a $6 “Mystery Bag” from Dairy Queen that was filled with a treasure trove of items that are, just like the name of the bag implies, a mystery.

Hernandez’s clip begins with a shot of the mystery bag just chilling inside a freezer in the store. A sheet of paper affixed to the paper bag vaguely details the contents of the bag and the rules surrounding the purchase. “Mystery Bag $6.00 No discounts allowed you cannot open or return,” the paper outlines.

“You like surprises? Does the thought of a mystery fill you with excitement? Well, you’re in luck because this bag contains 3 or 4 Dairy Queen treats! They have been made during training or we may have made extras, or maybe we made the wrong flavor altogether! Whatever the reason, you get to reap the benefits. We cannot guarantee that there are no peanuts, tree nuts, other allergens, or cross contamination of allergens,” the paper reads.

Hernandez’s video transitions to her opening the mystery bag to see what’s inside. The first item appears to be a small Blizzard dessert with a chocolate soft-serve base. Next up is a massive Blizzard that looks like it was made with vanilla ice cream. That’s followed by a large hot fudge Sundae.

Just to put the value of the mystery bag into perspective, a large Blizzard, on average, costs $5.89, meaning the cost of the mystery bag was worth it based on one of the items alone. If one is trying to enjoy an outing to Dairy Queen while on a budget—something that a lot of Americans would certainly appreciate these days with food inflation going up ever since 2021—and don’t have picky tastes, the mystery bag is pretty good option.

Hernandez recorded another person opening a mystery bag. This one contained four items: two small soft-serve ice creams, a kids-sized Blizzard, and a small Blizzard. It certainly was not as impressive of a haul as the previous bag, but it was still worth way more than the $6 price tag.

@ashleynhdz $6 mystery bag!! #dairyqueen #mysterybag #fyp ♬ Renee – SALES

Numerous commenters who saw the post were convinced that the items in the mystery bag were erroneously made ice creams that Dairy Queen employees would bring back home with them for free or toss them out.

“Nah there just mess ups and instead of throwing them away they just 3 items in a bag,” one said.

Another penned, “Lmao those are just the mess ups when I worked at dq we would get to take them home at the end of the day.”

Another viewer speculated that they were “Doordash orders that were never picked up turned to mystery bag.”

“The peanut buster parfait bag was a jackpot,” another said.

If you were hoping to nab one of these mystery bags for yourself, you probably shouldn’t count on finding these $6 grab bags at your local Dairy Queen. It appears that this was a specialized offering, not something put out by corporate. “Wish they had that our dq,” one TikToker wrote.

A few stores have adopted this trend, however. A Manistee, Michigan Dairy Queen advertised mystery bags on Facebook. A Dairy Queen in South Amboy, New Jersey is also offering mystery bags, according to this TikToker.

So while it isn’t an official Dairy Queen offering yet, it is a great way for local chains to make some money off of items workers were probably going to toss anyway.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Dairy Queen via email and Hernandez via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Dec 13, 2023, 1:00 pm CST