Eataly customer speaking with surprise bags with caption 'finally made it back with both bags' (l) Eataly customer speaking with surprise bag with caption 'Is It Really Too Good To Go I finally managed to snag one of the highly coveted Eataly surprise bags' (c) Eataly customer speaking with surprise bags groceries with caption 'it was listed on to get go for $7.99' (r)

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‘That’s easily $50 of food’: Customer picks up leftover food from Eataly for $8.70

‘That would be over $100 of groceries.’


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In a viral video, a food influencer shared what she scored for $20 in her two surprise bags of leftover food from Eataly.

The TikToker, Audrey (@aud.pov), explains that she was finally able to snag one of the “highly coveted” Eataly surprise bags from the app Too Good To Go for $8.70.

Too Good To Go is an app that aims to reduce food waste by connecting businesses that will have a surplus of unsold food to paying customers. The business (which includes restaurants, bakeries, and supermarkets) will put up surprise bags for sale with an assortment of unsold or soon-to-expire items for a fraction of the retail cost. The app is currently available in 17 countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the United States.

The app is available on both iOS and Android and is functional in several major U.S. markets, including Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, Providence, Sacramento, San Diego, San Franciso, Seattle, and Washington DC.

In the video, Audrey explains that Eataly, a popular Italian restaurant and market, is one of the most popular surprise bags in the New York City area and often sells out within minutes. She says it tends to be priced a bit higher at $7.99 compared to the $5.99 Audrey normally sees.

@aud.pov I paid $8.70 for this surprise bag on Too Good To Go – was it worth it? #toogoodtogo #toogoodtogoapp #surprisebag #nyc #nycfood #newyork #eataly #eatalynyc #wasitworthit #worthit ♬ New Jeans – NewJeans

Audrey claims she dedicated almost an hour and a half of her morning to monitoring when the Eataly surprise bags would go live. She was able to grab both a regular and large mixed grocery bag for same-day pickup.

She picked up the bags, and Audrey noticed they were both very heavy and visibly stuffed.

“This is like, chock full of food,” Audrey says.

In a two-part video series, Audrey shared what was in both bags. Her Eataly items include lots of bread, potato gnocchi in tomato sauce, pasta, mushroom ragu, cacio e pepe, focaccia sandwiches, and salads.

@aud.pov Replying to @AllenJ PART 2 – I paid $13.05 for this large mixed grocery bag from Eataly on Too Good To Go…do I even need to ask if it was worth it? #toogoodtogo #toogoodtogoapp #surprisebag #nyc #nycfood #eataly #eatalynyc #newyork #worthit #groceryhaul ♬ Super Shy – NewJeans

Together, the videos have garnered about 750 million views and around 250 comments as of Thursday morning.

While Eataly listed the retail value of the bag at $24, commenters argued that the bag was easily worth more than that.

“This is a crazy deal. That’s easily $50 of food,” one of the top comments read.

“That is an amazing deal! Eatly has such good food,” another said.

In a comment reply, Audrey shared that based on the date on the food, it appears the items were pulled the day before for inclusion in the surprise bags.

The Daily Dot previously reported on Audrey when scored three huge slices of pizza in New York City for $5.43 using the same platform.

The Daily Dot reached out to Audrey via TikTok comment and Too Good To Go via email.

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