Dairy Queen worker makes cotton candy blizzard cake

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‘Is this a real thing i can get at Dairy Queen? If so how do i purchase it’: Dairy Queen worker makes cotton candy blizzard cake

‘Ate it all in one sitting.’


Melody Heald


Dairy Queen is a hub of crazy dessert concoctions. And there seems to be a new option for the fast food chain’s most ardent customers allegedly known as the “cotton candy blizzard cake.”

In a TikTok video uploaded by a Dairy Queen location in Miami, Florida (@dairyqueen_hammocks), an employee unveiled a step-by-step how the fast food restaurant makes the cake. It has garnered more than five million views.


First, they fill the bottom of the cake tray with vanilla ice cream. Second, they smooth out the ice cream onto the edges and bottom of the pan. Then, they add three scoops of cotton candy sprinkles and spreads them across the ice cream. Afterward, they fill a container with more ice cream, cotton candy syrup, and more sprinkles. Next, the worker uses a machine to blend all the contents together and disperses them across the pan. Once the worker finishes it, the decorated the cake by using a large offset spatula to smooth out the edges, adding icing across the edges, and topping it off with sprinkles.

The Daily Dot reached out to the Dairy Queen location via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment.

“Great now I need it,” one viewer wrote.

“I WANT ONE,” a second agreed.

In addition, other viewers who have tried the cake shared their thoughts.

“I got a large cotton candy blizzard one time, ate it all in one sitting then got sick,” one user shared.


For those wondering if the cotton candy cake is available, according to Brand Eating, the flavor is a seasonal treat, only available during the summer.

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