CVS customer claims pharmacist got her phone number from the 'system' after she refused to share it with him

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‘I would’ve given it to u if I wanted to’: CVS customer claims pharmacist got her number from the ‘system’ to text her after she rejected him

‘Get him fired.’


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A user on TikTok has sparked discussion after claiming that a CVS pharmacist contacted using the store’s information after she did not offer him her phone number.

In a video with over 94,000 views as of Sunday, TikTok user Brooke (@capricornb1mbo) writes, “Thinking about that time the CVS PHARMACIST asked for my number and because i didnt give it to him he got it from their SYSTEM and texted me.”

She then shows the text message exchange in question, where the man claims he “met [her] at CVS.”


like babe this isnt romantic i wouldve given it to u if i wanted to

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In the caption, she adds, “Like babe this isnt romantic i wouldve given it to u if i wanted to.”

She does not show the rest of the conversation, though she notes in comments that “it took me a while to realize this wasn’t ok.”

According to commenters, this happens more often than one might think.

“Once in college a guy at a study abroad fair followed me and took my name from a sign up list then called and asked me out and was MAD when i said no,” a user recalled.

“I was 16 once and the tech hit on me, i said naw i’m good and i’m 16, and he found my instagram using my last name and dmed me all ‘innocent,’” claimed another. “‘Omg hi remember me’ and i was literally like dude you’re at least 40 and i’m ur patient and i’m a minor.”

“Some guy did this with me when i signed up at my local ice cream shop to get discounts,” shared a third. “He messages me once a month to tell me he’s in love with me.”

Others stated that Brooke should have escalated the issue with CVS.

“UHM get him fired?? i work at a pharmacy and you legit can’t share customer or misuse customer information,” said a user.

“Should definitely tell the boss there, plenty of wonderful women who could take his job,” offered a second.

“I work as a tech and my pharmacist worked w a tech that used someone’s address to show up and lost his liscence,” detailed an additional TikToker.

“GET HIM FIRED THIS IS A MASSIVE DEAL,” exclaimed a further user.

The Daily Dot reached out to CVS via email and Brooke via Instagram direct message.

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