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Customer slams restaurant over failed ‘greasy’ birria tacos order

'The oil is insaneeeee.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Sep 23, 2023

Birria tacos are a savory, dunkable take on a beloved Mexican dish where diners take crispy tortillas stuffed with seasoned meat which are then dipped into a stew. It’s usually made of goat, beef, lamb, mutton, or chicken.

The birria broth is typically with a protein that is marinated with an adobo comprised of dried chiles, garlic, vinegar, and other herbs and spices depending on region, flavor preference, and other factors.

Like some soups or stews that contain fat content, sometimes, little spots of oil formulate at the top of the broth. However, according to The Wanderlust Kitchen, although “some amount of fat is necessary to keep the meat moist and tender during the long cooking process” of preparing the broth, “when prepared properly, birria should not be excessively greasy.”

That wasn’t the case for TikToker @peaks100 who was less than enthused with their birria taco ordering experience at a restaurant. They posted about it in a viral TikTok that’s garnered over 955,000 views as of Saturday.

He speculates that staff at the Mexican-style restaurant may’ve served him a bastardization of birria tacos because he is black, and several others who watched his video also turned their noses up at what he was given.


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Peaks begins his video staring into the camera with what looks like a margarita in front of him. He does not look happy.

“So I just ordered some birria tacos, right?” he says, panning to his plate, which has a quartet of shiny, greasy tacos that appear to be brushed with some type of red oil.

“This what the f*ck they gave me bro,” he says, recording his meal.

“Oily a** tacos bro. The meat ain’t even shredded look at this sh*t. And the consome ain’t even broth. Literally the consome straight oil bro. Bro look at this sh*t,” he says, pouring out the dippable stew that his taco is supposed to be dipped into. As it falls onto the plate, it appears to have the texture and consistency of a reddish cooking oil.

“They thought because I’m black and I’m not Mexican I ain’t know what birria tacos was. This sh*t kibbles and bits. Like these tacos will give you cardiac arrest,” he says. “Like I don’t know what I did to this restaurant but they trying to kill Peaks with this sh*t bro. Just look at this sh*t bro. I feel my arteries clogging already.”

A number of viewers didn’t think that the tacos looked too appetizing, either.

“You def exposed them,” one person wrote, while another remarked, “The oil is insaneeeee.”

Someone else didn’t think that the tacos looked too bad, but did agree the consome appeared suspect: “I mean the tacos are kinda normal but the consomé is Oil only.”

“Enough oil to keep an engine going that’s crazy,” another viewer echoed.

“We litteraly dip the tortilla in the birria oil/comsome like broooo lol,” someone else said, sympathizing with Peaks’ birria plight.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Peaks via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Sep 23, 2023, 4:02 pm CDT