Woman shares regret after buying $7,000 Sleep Number mattress, says company blocked her

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‘THEY BLOCKED YOU?’: Woman shares regret after buying $7,000 Sleep Number mattress, says company blocked her

'My sister hatesss her sleep number and they won't let her return it.'


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Posted on Dec 11, 2023   Updated on Dec 11, 2023, 4:17 pm CST

A user on TikTok is calling out Sleep Number after claiming that the company blocked her after she purchased a $7,000 bed, which appears to have broken.

In a video with over 9 million views, Kelsie Patton (@kelsiepattonnnn) writes, “POV: you bought a $7,000 air mattress a year ago and cry every night.” The video shows her walking across the mattress, which sags considerably with every step.

“@Sleep Number blocked me, brb crying,” she added in the caption.

For those who are unaware, Sleep Number beds are “adjustable air-bed[s].” These beds allow one to change the firmness of the mattress, which is performed by filling a chamber in the bed with more or less air using an included pump.

In a comment, Patton says that she’s less than satisfied with her Sleep Number bed.

“…I walked on my guest bed & it doesn’t sink like that nor should it for 7k,” she explained. “It deflates and uncomfortable and got worse over time.” She later noted that she had called and emailed the company several times, yet her problem persisted.

Others in the comments section shared their negative reviews of the Sleep Number mattress.

“HONEST TO GOD. my husband and I woke up the day after we got it and both looked at eachother and said we could literally go buy an air mattress and sleep better than on this pos,” recalled a user. “We complained and had them come get it back right away. NOT WORTH IT. worst bed ever.”

“My sister hatesss her sleep number and they won’t let her return it,” stated another.

“I had a sleep number. i called withing my ‘90 day free trial’ to return the glorified air matress and they said sure you can return the mattress but you have to keep the $3000 base,” alleged a third. “Wtf am I supposed to do with the base when I don’t have the mattress?!?!”

@kelsiepattonnnn @Sleep Number blocked me, brb crying #help #airmattressbed #sleepnumberbroke #sleepnumberbed #sleepnumber #fy #fypage ♬ original sound – ㅤ

Since this video went viral, users have been flooding the company’s social media with comments related to this video. A recent Instagram post has comments like “Unblock her” and “Give that poor girl a d*** refund.”

Patton says she is not among these commenters—but not by choice. She later posted a follow-up video purporting to prove that the company had blocked her on social media. The video shows a comment from Patton, then a page indicating she could no longer access Sleep Number’s account.

“Its just comical at this point,” she writes in the caption. “I was not mean in my feedback or agressive.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Patton via Instagram direct message and Sleep Number via email.

Update 4:17pm CT, Dec. 11, 2023: In an email to the Daily Dot, Nichole Teixeira, Public Relations Manager for Sleep Number, stated the following: “Sleep Number takes all customer issues seriously, and we work to provide the best service for our customers. Our team spoke with Kelsie over the weekend. Based upon the age of her bed (which is outside of its return window), our warranty policy and her current needs, we offered to send a technician to troubleshoot and better understand her situation.”

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*First Published: Dec 11, 2023, 11:00 am CST