Man tries Royal Caribbean for the first time, regrets it after Carnival Cruise passes by


‘Sick to your stomach feeling’: Man tries Royal Caribbean for the first time, regrets it after Carnival Cruise passes by

‘Never cheating on Carnival again.’


Ljeonida Mulabazi


For cruise enthusiasts who want a vibrant, lively, tropical atmosphere, cruises offered by Carnival are increasingly becoming a favorite destination.

Despite numerous negative online discussions lately–such as a woman’s trip being canceled without a refund, complaints about security cameras being placed in inappropriate locations on the ship, and allegations of certain dance moves being banned–Carnival Cruise Line seems to remain unscathed. 

As reported by Cruise Hive, Carnival Corporation reached record bookings when closing out last year’s season and is already looking at a similar success for 2024. 

In fact, some Carnival fans find it difficult to switch to any other cruise line. 

As shown in a recent TikTok video, that’s exactly what happened to Isaiah Jennings (@sai_jen) when he decided to try the Royal Caribbean cruise for the first time. 

In the clip, we see Jennings standing on the deck surrounded by other Royal Caribbean guests as they’re witnessing a “Carnival Glory” ship pass them by. 

“When you’re a Carnival lover and try Royal for the first time and watch their lit sail away party pass you by,” Jennings captioned the video. 

As Jennings continues to observe the dancing, partying, and loud music going on at the other ship, we can see signs of envy appear on his face.

“I’m smiling to keep from crying,” he captions the video again. “I’m super bitter.”

Jennings even comments on the music volume, turning to his nephew who’s also aboard the ship, saying, “How come I can hear their music more than ours?”

Carnival’s response

Given this experience, it’s likely that Jennings won’t ever make the mistake of picking the wrong cruise line again.

To bring that point home, even the Carnival Corporation got in on the action, leaving a comment under Jennings’ video.

In the comments, the official TikTok account of the cruise line jokingly wrote, “This is why you should stay loyal!”

Jennings agreed, playfully saying, “Yea, I felt bad and dirty stepping out on you.”

@sai_jen This one cut deep because that Carnival ship (Glory) was me and my nephew’s first ship we ever cruised on. Watching the Party Ship from a Royal Ship is a sick to your stomach feeling 😂. #cruisetok #royalcaribbean #carnivalcruise #cruiselife #cruiseship ♬ original sound – Isaiah Jennings

Other commenters share their thoughts

The comments section attracted a great deal of fellow Carnival fans. 

“People talk about carnival so bad.. but imma stick beside them,” wrote one commenter. “Working on getting my platinum status… they really have the party boat.”

A second commenter shared a similar experience from another perspective, writing, “Every single time we cruise past a Royal ship all we see is them watching us having a blast.”

“Carnival is THE BEST!! I am loyal to them,” shared a third commenter. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Jennings via Instagram direct message, Royal Caribbean via email, and Carnival Corporation via email as well for further comment. 

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