Carnival cruise cracks down on twerking and drugs

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‘Trying to no longer be the Walmart of the cruise ships’: Guest says Carnival Cruise Line is cracking down on twerking, fighting

'Carnival is spirit airlines of the sea.'


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Posted on Feb 3, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 12:36 pm CST

Depending on who you ask, Carnival Cruises has become the “ghetto” cruise line, with numerous reports from customers who’ve complained about ships being overcrowded and unruly.

However, TikToker Professor Melissa (@professormelissa) uploaded a viral clip highlighting how the company is purportedly cracking down on loud and obnoxious passenger behavior in the hopes of rehabilitating its image—something that other influencers have also discussed.

“OK y’all Carnival is not playing around with the drug-sniffing dogs and trying to no longer be the Walmart of the cruise ships, so be forewarned,” she says in the clip. “Here are three recent changes I’ve noticed as Carnival tries to move away from being the ratchet cruise line. First, no twerking, I noticed on a recent sailaway party every time someone started twerking the cruise director shut it down.”

“Number two: no fighting,” she says before the screen transitioned to a screenshot of a Google search result that reads: “The cruise line is now cautioning rowdy guests that they could be hit with a $500 fine and have to cover any costs they cause if they have to be detained or taken off board ahead of time, according to a recent update to Carnival’s ticket contract.”

CBS News reported that this is indeed the case, and Melissa talked about the no pugilism rule further in her video clip, saying, “I’ve heard a ban for life if you get caught being rowdy.”

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And if you’re a pot smoker who likes toking up while stranded on a vessel, then you’ll be upset to hear that Carnival, according to Melissa, is curbing folks from passing their dutchies to the left-hand side while aboard.

“No ganja,” she says. “This has been a recurring issue on Carnival and this happened every single cruise I’ve been on where the smell is overwhelming all day every day, everywhere. But now, Carnival’s not playing around. There’s drug-sniffing dogs at embarkation and even at some of the ports. Getting back on the ship today…everyone who was carrying a bag had to set their bag off to the side and wait for this good boy to come along and sniff and check their bags. I’ve heard of many situations where passengers had been caught at the ports, and if this happens you’re stuck at the port and you have to find and pay for your own way back home.”

As per Marijuana Moment, Carnival isn’t the only cruise liner that’s taking a stance against the devil’s lettuce on its ships. Royal Caribbean is as well and the reason behind it has to do with legalities: “Passenger cruise lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean have policies against marijuana, noting that the substance is illegal in many ports it sails to and that they’re following federal law.”

It could also have to do with Melissa’s thesis at the top of the video where she claims that Carnival is attempting to rehabilitate its “ratchet” imagery by banning folks from fist fighting, twerking, and getting blitzed on board: aka, the holy trinity of any vacation.

Numerous commenters expressed their disapproval of Carnival’s new policies, like one TikToker who commented, “I’d rather stay at home and get so high I think I’m on a cruise ship.”

Another user remarked that not being able to partake in a little bit of herb and substances would ultimately hinder their experience aboard the vessel.

“This is why a cruise could never be for me now that I’m an adult,” they said. “Don’t drink but I do participate in the daily herb and I would have no fun lmao.”

Someone else penned that they felt the “rules sound a bit targeted” and there were several other folks who thought that weed wasn’t the problem on the cruises, but passengers getting faded off of alcohol.

One TikTok user seemed to confirm Carnival’s perception as being a “ratchet” cruise line, writing, “Carnival is spirit airlines of the sea.”

Another echoed this sentiment, writing, “I call it motel 6 of the sea.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Melissa and Carnival via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Feb 3, 2024, 2:00 pm CST