Woman goes to Costco for her birthday. It’s more common than you think

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‘The cheapest bday dinner yet’: Woman goes to Costco for her birthday. It’s more common than you think

'This is a brilliant idea'


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Posted on Nov 26, 2023   Updated on Nov 26, 2023, 8:46 pm CST

Birthdays are commonly celebrated with loved ones at a restaurant, the movies, or even a bar. A woman shared how she celebrated her birthday dinner at Costco with her family, making it the “cheapest” birthday dinner ever.

The video featured TikTok user Madison (@allthingsbeautybymadison) who posts about beauty, Costco, and travel. This time, the content creator stood in the Costco parking lot wearing a birthday hat and a Costco sweater for her birthday. Then, she unveiled some of the people in attendance: Her father and brother, who were also wearing matching sweaters. Afterward, Madison shared how they were meeting up with other family members at the food court.

The video shifted to them sitting at the food court, waiting for the rest of her family to finish shopping. Next, she and a family member placed their order on a touchscreen tablet. “This is the cheapest birthday dinner yet,” she said. Her family ordered five hot dog and soda combos, a chicken bake, a rotisserie chicken salad, and a whole cheese pizza all for $28.48. To top it all off, she shared that a few Costco workers sang “Happy Birthday” to Madison and gave her a free birthday cake. After their meal, she and her family ordered a few sundaes and churros. The video concluded with Madison and her family “shopping around for whatever [they] want.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Madison via email and TikTok comment. The video amassed over 709,000 views and users loved the idea.

“If Costco had a party room it would be sold out constantly. This is a brilliant idea,” one viewer wrote.

“I love this on so many levels. Girl really doing it,” a second stated..

@allthingsbeautybymadison My family and I celebrated my birthday dinner this year at Costco with matching sweatshirts, thats all I wanted to do 😂🖤❤️ Dinner was only $30.88 for 7 people🥳 The best part was the @Costco Wholesale women coming over to my table and singing happy birtbday to me with an entire birthday cake that we got to take home! I did not expect that at all, it was so generous & kind of them 🤗 I really thought someone in my family had planned that😅 Cheapest and best birthday dinner yet 🎉 #costco #costcofinds #costcotiktok #costcobuys #costcomusthaves #costcohaul #costcodeals #costcomamma #costcoguide #birthday #birthdayparty #birthdaygirl #birthdaycake #birthdaygift #birthdaysurprise #birthdays ♬ original sound – allthingsbeautybymadison

In addition, this inspired others to do this.

“My moms birthday is 12/14 & i just showed this to her . So know were going to Costco on 12/14,” one user commented.

“I love this!!! I will shamelessly steal this idea – it’s brilliant! Hope you had an amazing birthday,” a second echoed.

One viewer said it’s a tradition in their family now. “My kid has picked Costco the last 3 years for his bday dinner! He’s 4,” the user wrote.

Moreover, Madison wasn’t the only one to do this. According to Mashed, a woman held her 28th birthday at the wholesale retailer. She celebrated with “hilarious costumes, on-point decorations, Costco food, and, of course, free samples.” The dishes included “rotisserie chicken, chicken Caesar salad, pizza, twisted churros, hot dogs, and chicken bake.”

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*First Published: Nov 26, 2023, 9:30 pm CST