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‘I am still driving my 2003 Mitsubishi montero sport’: Mechanics reveal common problems with Mitsubishi

‘They’re cheap cars, you get what you pay for.’


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Accurate Automotive (@accurateautoinc) recently posted a viral video listing common problems with Mitsubishi.

Garnering over 386,000 views, the video joins a long list of viral videos from the mechanic shop, including common maintenance mistakes car owners make and which cars “provide the most bang for your buck.

In the video, the cameraman asks different mechanics, “What are some common issues with Mitsubishi?”

Mechanics listed a wide range of issues, like electrical, engine, and suspension. One said that the newer ones are “kinda cheap,” while another listed computer-based tests as another.

According to Service My Car, a car repair site, “as far as inexpensive cars from Japan go, the Mitsubishi is reliable,” but when it’s compared to other Japanese companies, it “doesn’t fare so well.” Though the article claims that modern automotive technology reduces reliability in most cars, Mitsubishi has a host of issues all of its own. These include AC issues like a malfunctioning blower hose and compressor, which keep it from effectively cooling the interior. Piston issues also made the list as well as a vibrating steering wheel and starter issues.

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In a post in the r/cars subreddit titled “Whats the problem with Mitsubishi cars?” one user claims that “Mitsubishi over here was always kind of at the bottom of the Japanese options.”

Another redditor believes that reliability is the main issue.

“Their cars were not very reliable. They produced great power, but would break down alot sooner than Toyota or Honda. At least this was the case in the 1990s. Especially with their popular cars like the 3000gt and Eclipse,” r/niceguy-17 wrote.

r/the_breakfast_dog said, “They’re cheap cars, you get what you pay for.”

Commenters on TikTok added their own thoughts about common problems with Mitsubishi.

“Oil pumps dying and destroying the engine,” a viewer said.

“Mitsubishi burns oil from day one,” another agreed.

“Mitsubishi Lancer it’s only suspension issue nothing more,” a third added.

Others defended Mitsubishi.

“Mitsubishi is a lovely affordable brand. the only problem is it’s low resell value!” a viewer argued.

“My GMA’s lancer lasted forever,” a second added.

“Im driving an 04 mitsubishi endeavor thats got 300k and yeah NOW its starting to cause issues, but can’t complain about how its treated me for 20 years,” a viewer shared.

“Mitsubishi is a little kept secret. Literally will give you no issues at all and just run,” another viewer remarked.

The Daily Dot reached out to Accurate Automotive via TikTok comment and Instagram direct message and to Mitsubishi via email.

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