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‘I was very lucky that I just needed staples’: Woman details how a claw clip got lodged into her head during accident

'It could've been so much worse.'


Angela Littlefield


Posted on Mar 9, 2023

After a mudding accident resulted in a head injury for Paisley Riley (@paisley.rileyyy), the small-town girl from Mississippi took to TikTok to spread awareness about how dangerous claw clips can be during a motor accident.

The viral video, which showcased images of Riley lying on a hospital stretcher with a neck brace and blood gushing down her head, has grossed over 23.1 million views on TikTok. Riley also showed the claw clip in the video. It had red stains on it, which appeared to be blood.

“The claw clip didn’t even break bruh they casually handed it back to me,” she wrote in a text overlay.

@paisley.rileyyy Replying to @_darcywilliams #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen #fyp #dumbwaystodye #hairclip #shein #mudding ♬ Dumb Ways to Die – Tangerine Kitty

In a follow-up video, Riley detailed what happened during the accident. She explained that her friend made a sharp turn that caused her head to hit a metal bar, which lodged the hair clip into the back of her head.

In the video’s caption, Riley apologized for stuttering and shaking. She explained that she was concussed and is on medication, which she said in the video has not been very helpful.

@paisley.rileyyy Replying to @ocytemple3 sorry for the stutter and shaking: i have a concussion and am on medications😕 #fyp #foryou #hairclip ♬ original sound – Paisley Nicole🤍

Riley also shared that her mother had to help the doctors find the headlamp button so they could see where to apply the staples. She noted that the doctors did not move her hair before inserting the staples, which many viewers in the comments section related to.

“Listennn I wrecked a four-wheeler and had brain surgery and they put my hair in the stitches too what hair I had left LMFAOO,” one viewer wrote.

“45 min drive!! stapled your hair in the wound!! that’s AWFUL,” a second commented.

“I know and right before they stapled me they told me my hair would never grow back there and I broke down because I didn’t see how bad it was yet,” another shared.

Though many viewers expressed support for Riley, the TikToker shared that she received backlash from viewers who commented that she deserved what happened to her because she goes hunting and fishing.

The backlash did not get Riley down, however. She continued spreading awareness about how dangerous claw clips can be in the event of an accident. Given that she has heard stories of people in similar situations having permanent brain damage or dying as a result of their injuries, Riley said she considers herself lucky.

“It could’ve been so much worse. It could’ve been worse than just five staples,” she concluded.

The Daily Dot reached out to Paisley Riley via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Mar 9, 2023, 3:22 pm CST