Man walks out of Chipotle mid-order

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‘Should’ve ordered your full bowl and then walked out to maximize their loss’: Man walks out of Chipotle mid-order

‘Couldnt let him disrespect me with the protein.’


Braden Bjella


Chipotle has long been criticized for its dwindling portion sizes, something the company’s CFO claims not to be the case. Whether it’s true across every location or not, customers have claimed that their Chipotle burritos and bowls are smaller than they used to be. Some have said that they are launching a “skimp boycott,” stating that they will no longer be buying from the restaurant until the portion sizes increase. In response, others have noted that Chipotle appears to be increasing its portion sizes.

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That said, a few have claimed that these efforts are not enough. Instead, they’ve begun a new trend: beginning an order, then walking out once they see the portion size.

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What Is the “Chipotle Walk Out” Trend?

It’s unclear where this trend started, but it appears to be recent. At the start of May, one TikTok user went viral after showing themselves leaving the store after receiving “half” scoops. Other users have documented similar stunts, leaving the store after alleging that they’ve been “skimped” on ingredients.

Observing this trend, TikTok user Isaac Francis (@isaac_francis), who had previously been a contestant on Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle, decided to visit a Chipotle location that he says is known for giving small portions, then employ what he calls “the walk out method.”

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In his video, which currently has over 1.1 million views, Francis enters the restaurant, begins his order, then leaves.

“I appreciate you, bro,” Francis says to an employee. “Thank you!”

“Couldnt let him disrespect me with the protein,” he writes in the caption, adding the hashtag “#boycott.”

Internet Users Share Their Thoughts on the “Walk Out Method”

In the comments section, many users supported the idea of utilizing the “walk out method” to advocate for bigger portions, with several sharing their own stories of poor portion sizes at the chain.

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“Chipotle around me south of the river in the twin cities they gotten smaller. Giving you less then half spoon full of meat that’s 4-6 pieces of chicken,” said a commenter.

“Should’ve ordered your full bowl and then walked out to maximize thier loss,” added another.

“I wouldve walked out after that rice,” stated a third.

@isaac_francis couldnt let him disrespect me with the protein🤣 #chipotle #boycott ♬ original sound – isaacfrancis
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That said, many opposed this method.

“Jokes on everyone, chipotle will start forcing you to pay as soon as you order your item. that’s my prediction,” claimed a user.

“You are losers that never dealt with a food service job,” declared a second. “Call out the company without messing with the hourly workers just doing what they’re told.”

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The Daily Dot reached out to Chipotle and Francis via email.

Update 7:22am CT May 22: In an email to the Daily Dot, Francis shared his views on the walkout trend.

“I believe the trend is somewhat justified,” he said. “I have been eating Chipotle for over 10 years now and have seen a notable difference.”

Chipotle, he wrote, should answer this growing criticism.

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“I think Chipotle should respond in some way to alleviate the concerns of customers,” he shared. “Chipotle is always my go to, I switched from Qdoba. I just don’t want to see one of my favorite food spots lose sight of their original reason for success, which is the value of good and abundant food for a relatively low price.”

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