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‘I hope you tip em’: Chipotle customer ‘trains’ workers how to wrap burrito after they struggle

‘Just get that in a bowl.’


Jack Alban


A self-proclaimed “Ranked #1 Guido” on TikTok, known as @thenumba1guido with 130.4K followers, has thrown down the gauntlet at Chipotle with a burrito-wrapping tutorial that’s as hilarious as it is controversial. With a staggering 1.7 million views, his video captioned “Am I going to hell?” showcases a first-person view of a Chipotle assembly line where he instructs employees on how to handle his overstuffed burrito order.

The video starts with a confident claim. “I’m telling you, you put half of the food onto that burrito and you’ll be good. I train people how to wrap these all the time, I swear to god,” the TikToker tells the Chipotle workers while pointing a camera at them.

The scene unfolds with employees struggling to contain the mountain of ingredients within the confines of a tortilla, prompting the TikToker to suggest an unorthodox method of “overlapping” to manage the load.

As the employees laugh and grapple with the task, the TikToker jokes, “They should pay me for training people how to wrap a burrito.”

The situation escalates to a point where the burrito seems beyond salvation, leading to his resigned solution: “Just wrap it in the tin foil like that and I’ll take it home.”

The comment section of the video became a battleground of opinions. Some users expressed sympathy for the Chipotle staff.

“You got the whole Chipotle employees stressing,” one viewer wrote.

Another offered practical advice, suggesting, “Man just get two burritos.”

Others couldn’t hide their disgust, with reactions such as “gross” accompanied by vomit emojis.

@thenumba1guido Am i going to hell?? @Chipotle ♬ original sound – Numba1Guido

Yet, there were those who saw the humor and potential in such a loaded burrito, with one user excitedly requesting, “Can you make me one too please hahah,” and another simply declaring, “It’s lit.” Despite the mixed reactions, the employees in the video seemed to take the unsolicited tutorial in stride, sharing laughs with the TikToker over the counter.

This incident brings to light the broader conversation about customer entitlement and the “have it your way” culture prevalent in American fast food.

In today’s economy, with fast-food prices on a steep rise, the Ranked #1 Guido’s approach to maximizing value at Chipotle could be seen as a life hack for the inflation-weary. While you can indeed have it your way, there’s a fine line between getting your money’s worth and pushing the limits of fast-food service.

So, a word of caution to Chipotle workers: if you spot the #1 Ranked Guido entering your establishment, prepare for a wrap battle that will test the limits of your burrito-building skills. And for the rest of us, it’s a moment to reflect on how much is too much when customizing our fast-food orders.

Some customers who saw the sheer size of the TikToker’s burrito may’ve recoiled in fear out of sympathy for their wallet, as numerous Chipotle patrons have posted to social media expressing their discontent with how costly the chain’s offerings have become, especially when it comes to add-ons.

However, there was one commenter who watched the burrito-wrapping tutorial who made a point about a topping they don’t get charged extra for even if they request copious amounts of it. “I always wanna get this much cause they don’t charge extra for rice or beans but I know they can’t wrap it,” the user wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Chipotle and the #1 Ranked Guido via email for comment. 

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