Man wearing Glasses at Chipotle; Logo of Chipotle Mexican Grill; Hand shown to be taking forks from Chipotle restaurant

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‘The food just tastes different with Chipotle forks’: Customer takes monthly trip to Chipotle to ‘restock’ on forks and napkins

‘And don’t forget to go under the counter and get a new bottle of hot sauce.’


Brooke Sjoberg


Stealing small wares from restaurants is a popular pastime for some folks. Tiny salt and pepper shakers, ramekins and small fruit bowls, and even cast iron skillets are not safe from some sticky-fingered customers.

Last year, one TikToker went viral for showing a large collection of ramekins she’s taken from restaurants—and it doesn’t stop there. More recently, a Chipotle customer has shared that they visit the burrito-making fast-casual chain restaurant to stock up on forks and napkins with regularity.

In the video posted by Antrell (@techbyantrell), he shows himself grabbing forks by the handful. In his caption of the video, he insists food tastes better when eaten with these forks from Chipotle.

“Me once a month restocking my Chipotle luxury fork and napkin collection,” a text overlay on the video reads.

@techbyantrell Because why does food taste better with @Chipotle forks 😭😭 #fyp #comedy #blacktiktok #losangeles #genz #millenial ♬ Law and Order – The Hollywood Prime Time Orchestra

The creator has had multiple videos draw attention on TikTok, from sharing his experience of being let go from Bank of America to quitting another job right as bonuses were released. More recently, he had a video garner millions of views when his Tesla was damaged in his parking garage.

The Daily Dot has reached out to both Antrell and Chipotle via email regarding the video.

Several viewers shared that they completely understood the appeal of Chipotle’s forks and napkins, and shared what else they had taken from the restaurant.

“Yup them some good napkins,” one commenter wrote. “And don’t forget to go under the counter and get a new bottle of hot sauce Togo.”

“I got enough tobassco to last the apocalypse,” another user said.

“Remember the days they’d leave entire bottles of salt out?” one viewer wrote. “They prob stopped bc people like me stole em.”

Others shared other restaurants and chains that stocked forks, straws, and other items they like to take home for future use.

“The forks at CAVA are even better,” one commenter wrote.

“Chick-fil-a too they got some good forks,” another echoed.

“I do this at QDOBA,” a commenter said. “There’s plastic around it.”

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