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‘The things I do for Chick-fil-A ice’: Customer loves Chick-fil-A ice so much she buys a bucket off secret menu

'Okay but the bucket is so cute.'


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Posted on Mar 21, 2024   Updated on Mar 20, 2024, 12:39 pm CDT

A Chick-fil-A customer who’s a big fan of the chicken chain’s pebble ice was surprised to discover a method for ordering a bucket of ice off the “secret menu.”

Lauren Treinen (@lauren_treinen) captured the hearts of 1.3 million viewers with a video demonstrating not just her dedication to securing this coveted ice but also the larger trend of food chains selling surprisingly niche items.

Pebble ice, with its soft, and chewable texture, might seem like a simple pleasure. Yet, its journey from a 1980s innovation by Scotsman Ice Systems to a staple in various food and beverage outlets across the United States, including Sonic Drive-In restaurants, highlights its special place in the beverage world. Treinen, in her direct-to-camera storytelling, shone a spotlight on the peculiar marketplace of fast-food offerings.

“So, I’ve got this thing for Chick-fil-A’s pebble ice. It’s like, soft, chewable, and just amazing, you know?” she says, filming herself in her car. Treinen chronicles her journey, ending with a satisfying shot of the ice-filled bucket into her freezer.

“And there we go, fits like it was meant to be,” she boasts. But the magic didn’t stop at the video’s end. The comments section had things to say—forming into a communal gathering of ice enthusiasts.

One commenter, clearly inspired, expressed a willingness to splurge: “Kinda want to spend almost $7 just for the cfa bucket and scoop. I wonder if my local cfa has that.”

Another user brought a competitor into the conversation, highlighting the value proposition from Sonic: “I get mine at sonic! Like $2 or something.” 

A third commenter shared a personal note of appreciation, linking the craving for pebble ice to a pregnancy-induced obsession. “I love their ice. I crave that so much right now that I’m pregnant,” they said. “Thank you for letting me know that they sell ice and a bucket so I can get my own.”

Treinen’s video and the ensuing enthusiasm amongst viewers reflect a broader trend within the fast-food industry to diversify offerings in response to changing consumer demands and economic pressures. As companies like McDonald’s face challenges with customer retention due to price hikes, the introduction of novelty items becomes a strategic move to retain customer loyalty.

Moreover, the fast-food landscape is rife with innovation, as evidenced by Chick-fil-A’s launch of an offshoot restaurant concept, “Little Blue Menu.” This new venture, featuring an expanded menu that includes burgers, wings, and the intriguing nugget-topped pizza, signifies the industry’s shift towards diverse offerings to meet evolving consumer tastes: McDonald’s recently launched CosMc’s, a drink-inspired restaurant in the style of its original chain.  

@lauren_treinen the things i do for @Chick-fil-A ice #pebbleice #chickfilaice ♬ original sound – Lauren

Treinen’s clip, therefore, is more than just a tale of one woman’s quest for the perfect ice; it’s a glimpse into the evolving dynamics of the fast-food industry, where innovation, customer engagement, and the embracing of the unconventional become key ingredients for success.

Treinen’s post seems to fall into a growing sub-genre of TikTok videos where folks are discovering they can purchase corporate-food-themed items from their favorite restaurants.

The Daily Dot has reached out Chick-fil-A and Treinen via email for further comment.  

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*First Published: Mar 21, 2024, 1:00 am CDT