Chevrolet driver says her 2024 Equinox is breaking down. It has 3,500 miles

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‘I bought this car brand new off the lot’: Chevrolet driver says her 2024 Equinox is breaking down. It has 3,500 miles

‘It’s a General Motors. What do you expect?’


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A Tennessee woman who bought a new Chevy Equinox is marveling over her bad luck with it, declaring, “My 2024 Chevy Equinox is already starting to break at 3,500 miles.”

Maddie Douglas (@mdouglas1102), a creator who works as both a Papa John’s delivery driver and at a vet clinic, asserts in her video about her new car, “I drive a lot.” She put up the video documenting her issues on Friday, getting more than 330,000 views as of Monday morning.

She notes, “Now I bought this car brand new off the lot. I think I test drove it for three miles so I drove off the lot with three miles on it.”

She then reasons, “I really don’t think this b*tch should be having any issues right now.”

But she identified three issues with the car.

A disappointing purchase

First, “The driver’s side door the bottom of it leaks when it rains. When I open the door after it rains, water will just pour out from the bottom of where the seal is, from this area,” indicating a surface directly underneath the door.

“Now the second thing is that when I press the brake, sometimes like this, this only happens sometimes with the brake,” she continues. “I’ll press it and it almost clicks, like there’s a bolt loose or something. It’s only when I’m going under 20 miles per hour.”

She says since the brakes are electric, she’s “scared” that it could stop working at any time.

Finally, “And the third thing, the thing that scares me the most, the transmission.”

She explains how her dad, who works on Chevys for a living, told her that the sound she hears when the car hits 3,000 rpm is a connection issue with the transmission.

Douglas says in the video that she contacted the dealership that has pledged to fix all the issues, but she is preparing to contact a lawyer if they can’t make it right.

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According to Car and Driver, the 2024 edition of the Equinox gets a “meh” 7/10 rating. The review remarks, “Keep in mind the 2024 Chevy Equinox is starting to show its age and offers only an underpowered 175-hp turbo four with an unremarkable automatic transmission and an unintuitive optional all-wheel-drive system.”

Commenters had advice ready for Douglas.

“It’s a new car. It has a warranty. Use it,” said one, even though it appeared that’s exactly what Douglas was doing.

Another said, “Have you considered trading it in? That’s very concerning at only 3,500 miles. Have you considered a Toyota or Honda?”

Douglas responded to that, noting, “My dad’s been a mechanic for over 20 years and he says the same thing—that all cars are going bad just because they are mostly run off computers now.”

Someone else predicted, “It’s a Equinox; you will have problems with that thing until you get rid of it.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Douglas via TikTok comment.

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