tiktok expert explains the effects of celsius drink


‘Test Prime next’: Expert reveals if Celsius Energy Drink is safe for diabetics

'Natural flavors with other natural flavors.'


Grace Fowler


Posted on Feb 27, 2024

A health coach on TikTok posted a viral video testing how a Celsius energy drink affects your blood sugar. 

Justin (@insulinresistant1) has reached over 583,000 views and 13,000 likes on his video by Monday. Justin uses his account with over 1.2 million followers to post daily videos on managing your glucose levels. 

Justin captioned his video, “Celsius energy drink and my blood sugar. How does it affect my glucose levels?”

To start, Justin shows that he is drinking a Celsius Energy in sparkling orange flavor

“This entire can has only 10 calories,” he says. 

Justin notices that the can also has a lot of vitamins, but 140 mg of caffeine. “Which is where I will get most of the energy from, I’m sure,” he says.

The energy drinks are sweetened with sucralose, so Justin says he is “not expecting a blood sugar spike, but you just never know.” 

Next, Justin edited a sped-up time lapse of him drinking the Celsius, and said he returned to give his review a few hours after finishing the drink. 

Before sharing his results, Justin says, “I just wanna share that all of my tests are done on an empty stomach after a 16-hour fast, so this caffeine really hit me.” 

Then Justin puts a screenshot of what his glucose levels were after drinking the Celsius on the screen. 

“There is no blood sugar spike here,” he says.

“I did get a big burst of energy, most likely from all of that caffeine,” Justin adds, “I don’t normally ingest 140 mg so I’m quite sensitive to it.”

Although, “as far as blood sugar goes, this is OK for me.”

Before ending his video, Justin tells the audience, “remember that individual results will vary, especially if you’re diabetic.” 

@insulinresistant1 Celsius energy drink and my nlood sugar. How does it affect my glucose levels? #bloodsugar #glucoselevels #insulinresistant1 #celsiusenergy ♬ original sound – Justin / Stop Spiking Sugar

The top comment under Justin’s video thanks him for sharing his knowledge on glucose levels and blood sugar. “Your videos are really helpful and insightful, thank you so much for putting so much of your time, funds and efforts into this important work!” the comment read.

One viewer responded to this comment, “Just remember if you’re diabetic the spikes will be completely different from his.” 

Despite the video being focused on blood sugar, one viewer asked Justin how the drink affected his heart rate due to the high level of caffeine. 

“What was the effect on your blood pressure?!” the comment read. A viewer responded, “Exactly. Let’s see what it does to BP and heart rate.”

Justin has videos posted on his account showing how McDonald’s fries, sugar-free Jello, and Chick-fil-a grilled nuggets affect your blood sugar. 

Celsius has been under fire after a series of viral videos have questioned its ingredients. An expert recently took a close look at the can’s language and showed what “natural flavor with other natural flavors” really means.

One creator reported that the liquid changed color on her after she poured it from the can. Another claims that Celsius registers positive for “several” illicit substances. Another that drinking Celsius sent her to the hospital.

The Daily Dot reached out to Justin via TikTok direct message and Celsius via media contact form. 

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*First Published: Feb 27, 2024, 3:23 am CST