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‘I got all this for $7.60’: Woman shares Cava kids’ meal hack, says it comes with a ‘fancy beverage’

‘Move over, Chipotle.’


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In a perpetual quest to fight inflation, which has soared to record heights ever since 2021, consumers have been sharing their money-saving hacks on social media platforms like TikTok. In fact, there are entire accounts dedicated to grocery planning while shopping at budget retailers like Dollar Tree. But for folks who either aren’t keen on cooking for themselves or simply don’t have the time, there are plenty of ready-made food options at restaurants that won’t break the bank.

This includes taking advantage of sizable kids’ meal portions—as an adult. One TikToker says that they’ve made it a habit of ordering kids’ meals to-go from the Olive Garden, stating that the relatively low cost of the meal along with the satisfying amount of food one gets with it was well worth the cost. And while some folks mentioned that they had an ethical gripe of sorts with those who order kids meals, claiming that restaurants sell children’s meals at such low prices to counter the cost of childcare. Others disagreed, stating that if you can get food you like at a price you like, then go nuts.

It would seem that this CAVA customer is of the latter mindset, as they uploaded a kids’ meal hack video of their own that they think is worth the price.

Self-proclaimed “lady of leisure,” the Girl With No Job (@girlwithnojobnyc) has uploaded several videos chronicling her quest for freebies, whether its merchandise, food and drink from pop-up events, or random deals she comes across, like this chronicle of her “no spend Saturday.”

And while she didn’t get her food for free in her CAVA kids meal video review, she seemed very pleased with the value she received. Amid “boycotts” and “walk-out” at Chipotle, the Mediterranean-style chain is gaining popularity—and this creator’s hack might give customers even more bang for their buck.

“Move over, Chipotle. I just discovered my new favorite kids meal: CAVA’s where the heat’s at. I got all this for $7.60 including a fancy beverage,” a robotic text-to-voice narrates as TikToker shows what her CAVA kids’ meal looks like.

She shows off the partitioned bowl, which features a few pieces of pita, some vegetables, a topping that looks like babaganoush, along with other accouterments and rice. She even details what exactly the “fancy” drink is: a cucumber lime mint beverage.

“There’s rice, pita with chicken, and some bomb sauce,” the voice narrates as she takes a crunch of a pita chip, which she calls “fire.” She scoops some of the toppings she ordered onto the chip and continues to munch away. The contents of her bowl are all packed into the pita, which she lifts up to her mouth and begins to eat. Some of the food spills out of the bottom, smacking into the cardboard plate.

“I am stuffed and satisfied,” the voice narrates, as @girlwithnojobnyc shows her half-eaten meal.

The TikToker’s highlight of the hack is the “fancy” beverage options that come included: Unsweetened Black Tea, Jasmine Tea, Strawberry Citrus, Cucumber Mint Lime, Blueberry Lavender, and Classic Lemonade.

In a caption for the video, she ranked the kids’ meal a fire emoji. Several commenters seemed interested in feeling “stuffed and satisfied” for $7.60.

“This gives me an idea! Thanks,” one commenter penned.

Another seemingly wanted to know exactly what was inside of her bowl and how to get this price for the kids meal: “No more gatekeeping!”

That question was answered in a different interaction between @girlwithnojobnyc and another TikToker. “Looks so good omg !! can you share exactly what you asked for ? i be feeling overwhelmed w all the options at cava lol” the commenter asked.

The creator replied, “Same that’s why i order online! so easy.”

@girlwithnojobinnyc @CAVA this kids meal was 🔥 #kidsmealhack #cava #nyceats #foodie ♬ original sound – girlwithnojobinnyc

According to CAVA’s website, a Kids Pita from the Bergen Town Center mall located in Northern, New Jersey costs $7.05, but specialized proteins like Braised Lamb, Harissa Honey Chicken, and Spicy Lamb Meatballs cost extra. Grilled Chicken, Falafel, Roasted White Sweet Potato, and Roasted Vegetables are all mains that are included in the standard price.

There have been other kids’ meal fans who’ve shared the gospel of saving a buck by opting for portions restaurant chains deem for youngsters. One Chipotle guest was astounded with the amount of food she got for $5, but several other users on the app said that she was lucky because all of the sides she showcased in the video, were technically supposed to be additional charges. That’s if the employees were following the strict Chipotle pricing protocols.

The Daily Dot has reached out to CAVA via email and @girlwithnojobnyc via TikTok comment.

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