Man buys woman’s Cava order—then asks for her Goodwill clothes.

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‘I don’t know if I can ever go to my favorite restaurant again’: Woman says a stranger paid for her Cava bowl, made bizarre request in exchange

'There’s no question you can absolutely never go back there.'


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Posted on Dec 4, 2023   Updated on Dec 4, 2023, 9:17 am CST

A woman said a man at Cava behaved wildly inappropriately toward her while she was just trying to get some lunch. Now, she’s not sure she can ever go back.

“I don’t know if I can ever go to my favorite restaurant again,” Sarah said.

In the video, Sarah (@sarahshooots) said she was a bit behind the person in front of her because the restaurant ran out of the sauce she liked, so she waited for it to be refilled.

When she went up to the register to pay, to her surprise, she said her tab was already covered. She said she looked around the restaurant, but there was no one looking at her to indicate they paid for her meal.

She said she ended up still having to do a transaction at the cash register because she wanted a drink to go with her meal.

Once she had her drink in hand, Sarah said she got into her car to drive off. But as she put her car in reverse, a man approached her window and said, “‘Sorry, I didn’t know you wanted a drink,'” revealing himself to be the person who paid for her lunch.

“Oh, it’s OK. Thank you so much,” Sarah said she responded.

She said he then asked her, “Are you going to Goodwill now?”

Sarah was confused as to how he knew she was headed to the Goodwill, but she said she then remembered that when she walked into Cava she was on the phone with a friend and mentioned she had donations to drop off at Goodwill.

She said she didn’t respond since she was caught off guard by him knowing where she was going.

She said the man clarified that he just wanted to know if she was donating her clothes, leading her to believe he needed clothes for his daughter.

“This is all happening so fast I’m just like scanning my brain. Like, is he asking for help?” she recalled.

As she was processing all the possibilities in her head, she said he asked her if she had any underwear.

“Yeah, actually I do,” she said as she handed him a new pack of Hanes women’s underwear. She thought maybe he’d seen her Sarah Helps videos and was collecting donations.

But she said as she went to roll the window down and hand him the item, he said something extremely creepy.

“‘No. Of your old underwear to donate,'” she said the man told her.

Sarah looked visibly shocked and upset by the end of the clip.


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The video has well over a million views and hundreds of comments.

Some people offered real advice on how to handle the situation.

“Tell the restaurant. And file a police report. Even though no crime you need proof and precedence,” a commenter said.

“Sorry that happened. i’d tell the restaurant so they can be on the look out in case if he does this to anyone else,” another wrote.

Others warned her against going back to the same Cava.

“There’s no question you can absolutely never go back there,” a person advised.

The Daily Dot reached out to Sarah for comment via email.

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*First Published: Dec 4, 2023, 11:00 am CST